Iron Dames - New Frontiers for Women in Motorsports

Iron Dames - New Frontiers for Women in Motorsports

Iron Dames is a special project created and led by Deborah Mayer – entrepreneur, driver and Ferrari Ambassadress – with the purpose of supporting women in motorsports. Deborah Mayer is herself a Dame with innate passion for cars, racing, equestrian, overall sport challenges and very keen to make her project a success story.

This interesting project is currently represented by the strength of Manuela Gostner, Michelle Gatting, Rahel Frey, Katherine Legge, Doriane Pin, Sarah Bovy, Maya Weug but the line-up is growing up quickly indeed.

Regardless their achievements, medals and placements, the Iron Dames are at the same time women and athletes with solid goals in life. Being an Iron Dame means working hard with enthusiasm, fearlessness and courage always focused on the goal. This is the secret to accomplish an amazing feat!

These women are aiming to build their path facing the challenges with determination, passion and ambition. Today we can count them in top level Motorsport Competitions including European Le Mans Series, 24H of Le Mans, Michelin Le Mans Cup, Ferrari Challenge, FIA World Endurance Championship and Italian Formula 4 Championship.

In 2019, the Iron Dames became the first ever, all-female line-up to start and finish the legendary 24-Hour of Le Mans —the mother of all endurance races. Different drivers take turns driving one car for a full day and a full night. They pause only for few minutes at a time to switch tires or for driver’s change.

Motorsport is finally opening more and more to women in all of its specific aspects, whether as competitors, officials, team managers, engineers, mechanics..etc. This female presence in motorsport relies heavily on a safe environment where women can strengthen their skills, including those related to building trust, discipline, collaboration, emotional intelligence and responsibility.

The Iron Dames are part of Iron Lynx, that is a motorsport lab was created in 2017 in Cesena (Italy) from the meeting of minds namely Sergio Pianezzola, Andrea Piccini, Claudio Schiavoni and Deborah Mayer. A reality built on a desire to become a professional racing team strong of an extraordinary passion of its drivers and a special bond with Ferrari. In 2021, Iron Lynx attended the most important Motorsport Competitions: Fia World Endurance Championship, GT World Challenge, European Le Mans Series, Michelin Le Mans Cup, Ferrari Challenge and Italian Formula 4 Championship.

In fact, this year, Iron Lynx has signed an agreement with Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) and the Fia Women in Motorsport Commission to support the Fia Girls on Track – Rising stars programme. Inaugural programme winner, Maya Weug, will drive for Iron Lynx in this year’s Italian Formula 4 Championship.