Is Bookaway A Good Platform For Luxury Trips?

Is Bookaway A Good Platform For Luxury Trips?

Aggregator sites are incredibly useful if you're looking for the cheapest travel options. Expedia will show you the best way to work the system to get low-priced flights, even if it means taking an extra couple of stops. Skyscanner does the same. So it may seem strange to mention Bookaway in connection with luxury trips.

Bookaway is a platform that compares buses, trains, and ferries, mostly for travel within countries. It gives you a rundown of the options, as well as the ability to book straight from the website. For example, if you are traveling through the Greek islands, working your way through Croatia, or seeing India’s Golden Triangle, it will help you plan your trip.

But is Bookaway useful when you’re not looking for the cheapest options? Here is what we found when we looked into the platform.


Ferry comparisons are perhaps the most useful feature for the luxury traveler. There are no perfect ferry options. On the contrary, each ferry trip will be a surreal experience. You get herded on after waiting at a port, and when the ferry stops at your destination, you get herded right off. The trip itself is always going to be a little bit rough, considering you’re at sea.

Ferries are often the most practical (or only) way to get to an island, however, so a little compromise is going to be necessary. Bookaway is very useful for finding the ferry that will best serve your preferences. It will show you the fastest options, but those at risk of seasickness will prefer the slower boats.

It will also give you the options for VIP sections or “business class”. If this is no more than a bit of space and exclusivity, it’s worth it!

Trains and cars

Considering ground options, such as buses or tourist trains, you may be tempted to skip Bookaway and go straight for the luxury tour operators. However, Bookaway is actually very useful in this regard. Not only does it give you the fastest ways to get from one place to another, it also provides all the luxury options as well. Of course, you need to contextualize luxury. A luxury tour bus in Delhi isn’t going to be nearly as comfortable as a car.

Bookaway is also very useful for comparing how long the different options will take and how practical they are. It is difficult to compare train schedules with a potential car or tour bus, and using Bookaway for this purpose may make your life a lot easier.


Bookaway should be most judged on its booking capabilities. It is a booking site, after all, and not just an aggregator. When it comes to actually booking your trip, Bookaway is very easy to use. You can go straight from the comparison page to the booking sheet. Once there, all you need to do is enter your personal details and credit card details, and Bookaway does the booking for you.

Bookaway promises 24/7 customer care, which is reassuring when dealing with the logistics of travel.


Our conclusion is that Bookaway can be useful for luxury trips. It provides you with the luxury options on different forms of transport, and helps you decide on the best way to get to your destination. It is also very convenient for making the actual bookings.