Is Buying a Ferrari a Good Investment?

Is Buying a Ferrari a Good Investment?

When discussing dream cars, many people will first think of Ferrari. The iconic Italian supercar manufacturer is synonymous with luxury, class and sophistication and they have a long history of manufacturing some of the best high-performance vehicles of all time. So, is a Ferrari a good investment for those that are in a fortune enough position to be able to afford one?

Hold Their Value

Much like all vehicles, Ferrari’s do depreciation in value which means that they are constantly losing value. While this is true, you will also find that supercars retain their value much better than your typical car. This is certainly true for Ferrari as they are exclusive and produce very few cars compared to other brands. You tend to see Ferrari’s more in film than on the roads and this means that they will always be valuable assets that hold their value well.

Buying Used

The fact that Ferrari models hold their value well also means that buying a used Ferrari could be a smart move to make. This would allow you to make huge savings on the cost of what will always be an enormous expense, plus you will have sidestepped the biggest depreciation hit which occurs in the first year so you will lose less by buying second-hand.

Being Chosen

So, a Ferrari is a smarter investment than most other vehicles, but it is not simply a case of strolling down to the dealership and buying one. Buying a Ferrari is not like buying any other car because the Italian manufacturer actually has a strong hand in who buys their cars - you don’t choose Ferrari, Ferrari chooses you.

To pass Ferrari’s tests, you will need to pass a thorough background check, you cannot sell the car in the first year or without giving notice and you cannot complete and modifications - these cars are perfect as they are. It is also reported that collectors that have a Lamborghini are banned from VIP lists for limited edition Ferrari vehicles (this is a result of an intense rivalry between the two).


If you do manage to pass the tests and you have the funds to make the purchase, a Ferrari can change your life and, in more ways than one. You will become a part of an exclusive club and turn heads wherever you go, but it is important to be aware of the high running costs with these luxury vehicles so you will need to factor these in too.

There is no auto brand more desirable than Ferrari and the Italian brand can provide a driving experience unlike any other. For those that are able to afford it and are approved by Ferrari, this can be a good investment because not only do they hold their value better than other supercars, but they can also transform your life.