Italian Style: The Versatility of Men's Suits

Italian Style: The Versatility of Men's Suits

Elegant men can be found everywhere, yet the Italians manage to outshine everyone thanks to careful choice of details, but also, if not above all, to the craftmanship of the Made in Italy garments.

Not only VIPs and successful men, but also the ordinary man, strolling through the streets of the city centre in cities such as Milan, Florence, or Naples, or relaxing in his country home, is able to convey charm, self-confidence and a strong personality through outfits that have been carefully selected down to the smallest detail.

Italian men's fashion, not only from the catwalks but also from real life, is played on a continuous fusion of past and present, on unusual combinations of contrasting colors, on garments characterized by slim silhouettes, fine fabrics, and unstructured cuts.

Among the iconic garments, which more than others manage to define Italian style with class, are the jacket and trouser suits, which find in the new Lardini suits men collection the highest point in terms of versatility to every occasion.

Italian elegance: how to choose the right suit

The man who wants to dress Italian in order to appear elegant in any context must carefully choose the suit, identifying not only the one with the right cut, but also rich in details, made of high-quality fabrics and in the color that best suits him.

The choice of the suit must take into account not only Italian fashion trends, but also the context in which it will be worn. In fact, Italian men's suits do not only offer the ideal solution for formal occasions, such as business dinners or ceremonies, but also for more informal and convivial ones.

Among the elements to pay attention to when choosing the right suit are:

  • the length of the jacket, which must fall slightly below the hips;
  • the width of the shoulders, which must not show wrinkles or bulges;
  • the structure of the sleeve, which must fall straight, without marking the biceps.

It is also crucial to choose carefully between single-breasted and double-breasted jackets; the former type of jacket, worn with the last button open or completely unbuttoned, is suitable for all body types, while the latter, especially if worn buttoned up, is more suitable for those with a slender build.

As far as materials are concerned, the choice is very wide: wool, linen, cotton twill and silk. In any case, it is always advisable to make sure that they are of excellent quality and ensure a good fit.

Men's fashion: where to find the trendiest clothes for an all-Italian look

Those who wish to dress Italian or women who wish to make give their man a special gift must choose the garments with great care, which must possess the renowned tailoring quality of Made in Italy.

In addition to the Internet, a true source of inspiration for those who wish to renew their wardrobe, saying goodbye to makeshift outfits, it is possible to turn directly to boutiques and shops around present in the local area.

An unmissable place for fashion enthusiasts is, of course, Milan and, in particular, the well-known fashion quadrilateral, between Via Monte Napoleone, Via della Spiga, Corso Venezia and Via Manzoni, where the luxury shops are located, overlooking the streets with shop windows of astonishing visual impact.

Among the many shops present, a compulsory stop for those in search of men's suits with an unique cut is the Lardini flagship shop, in Via del Gesù, where enthusiasts will find all the assistance they need to spot, among timeless garments and those of the new collection, inspired by the colors of the Saharan desert, the perfect men's suit for their physique and personality.