Interview with Massimo Villa Collection Founder, Massimo Provenza

Interview with Massimo Villa Collection Founder, Massimo Provenza
Why did you start this company? Tell us about your background and how your past experiences prepared you for this endeavor.

I started the business in 2002 in Cefal├╣, Sicily where I am from. Before that I was working in Asia. When I came back to my home town I was having a coffee in the square one day when a visitor asked me how to rent a house in town. I called a friend who rented houses at that time and they booked with him. That evening my friend gave me a referral commission. Well, I put two and two together and started my own company!

Why are you focusing on only high-end villas?

It's been my dream to build a very good, trusted brand of exclusive villas.

What made you choose the regions in which your villas are located?

Sicily...because it is beautiful and it is my region.
Sardinia...because it is different.
Puglia...because it's a new trend with many good things happening there!
Tuscany...because everyone knows how great a region Tuscany is for villas.

Which location is the most popular among your clients?

Tuscany and Sicily

Do you have plans of expanding to other regions?

Yes, we would like to increase with 50 more properties over three years time in Umbria, the Amalfi coast and more.

What are some of the unique concierge services that are provided to those staying at one of your luxury villas?

As soon as clients finish the booking process, our staff starts the consultancy service helping with car rentals, other transportation, event organization, and anything else clients need from beginning to end.

Which villa that you offer is currently the most expensive to rent?

Villa Orangerie, a unique luxury villa in Sicily.

How many villa properties have you visited to date?

All the villas in our portfolio are handpicked -- we visit all the villas before we rent! We represent over 100 villas and apartments.

What recommendations would you have for someone looking to rent a villa that never has before?

Make sure to book villas with a villa specialist team and not to use an unknown website!

What are some of the most incredible properties you have seen and what makes them so unique?

Of course I have seen many properties! The properties that are most unique are the ones where the owners' love and passion are evident.

What is the favorite part of your job?

When people return back home after the holiday and write a great comment!

What kinds of trends do you see emerging?

Villa rentals are a trend. Over the last 10 years I've seen demand go up and up. Villas with pools are also a popular trend.

Is there anything that differentiates your company from other villa rental companies?

We have a passion for what we are doing and put enthusiasm into every booking. We visit and approve each villa we represent.

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