James Cameron Turns New Zealand Tour Guide in New Video

James Cameron Turns New Zealand Tour Guide in New Video
Since 2012, Cameron and his wife, Suzy Amis Cameron, have split their time between California and their coastal farm just outside of Wellington, on New Zealand's North Island.

In collaboration with Tourism New Zealand, the Cameron's spent four days touring the South Island while sharing their tips, ideas and top experiences for those considering a visit to the country as part of a new tourism-focused video

While filming, Cameron shared his top travel experiences in New Zealand, which include:

Checking out the sea life in Kaikoura: “It's an amazing place. There's a deep valley under the ocean there so there's an upswelling of nutrients and the place is just going crazy offshore. You've got dolphins, pilot whales and sperm whales feeding on squid down in the Kaikoura Canyon so you can see just about every kind of marine life in there."

Hiking and kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park: “It's not difficult to find great hikes in Abel Tasman National Park. You can kayak in the ocean before you start your hike in the forest. You can do both in one day because everything is fairly close together."

Touring the wine region: “Rent a car and drive to wine country. From Wellington, you can drive over the Rimutaka Range, into Featherston and then down into Martinborough, home of some of the best pinot noir. It's only an hour's drive from Wellington and there are over 20 wineries to visit."

Jet boating in Queenstown: “If you're looking for something more adventurous, jet boat around Queenstown – there are so many variations available to choose from. I think adventure is in the genes of this country. The jet boat was invented here and every personal watercraft, every jet ski in the world, is all derived from the DNA of that."

Sailing in Auckland: “You can't beat Auckland for the sailing culture, there's a whole maritime culture. It's known as the ‘City of Sails' for a reason and the experiences range from high-speed, hands-on racing boats, to luxurious yacht charters and traditional Maori sailing waka (canoes)."

Top Photo: James Cameron jet boating on Lake Pukaki in New Zealand (photo credit: Alistair Guthrie)