Japan Travels: Discovering Saga Prefecture's Luxury Secrets

Japan Travels: Discovering Saga Prefecture's Luxury Secrets

Located in the northwestern part of Kyushu, Saga Prefecture offers a blend of traditional and luxury travel experiences. 

This region is renowned for its traditional pottery, which is crafted in towns like Arita, Imari, and Karatsu in the northwestern area. In the northern part of Saga Prefecture, you'll find the historic village of Okawachiyama in Imari, boasting centuries-old kilns. 

Continuing further north, Karatsu boasts numerous pottery studios and is also home to the picturesque Nijinomatsubara coastal pine forest in Karatsu. This area entices luxury travellers with leisurely strolls and mesmerizing sunsets.

The region is also dotted with historical treasures, such as Saga Castle with its charming moat and springtime cherry blossoms, as well as the captivating Yutoku Inari Shrine known for its vibrant red gates amid lush green surroundings. 

Lavish restaurants

For food enthusiasts, Saga delights with its famed Saga Beef, renowned for its succulent marbling, and a plethora of sake breweries. The prefecture hosts Hatsuki, a Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurant that crafts meticulously prepared multi-course meals that showcase seasonal ingredients.

Sukoyaka Ryori Izutsu is also celebrated for its traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine. The restaurant creates a serene atmosphere and serves thoughtfully curated dishes that mirror the changing seasons.

For foodies, Karasu is a place to go to when visiting Saga. In this city, Michelin-starred Kamimura restaurant, which specializes in French cuisine with a Japanese touch, offers an upscale setting and places a strong emphasis on incorporating locally sourced ingredients.

Meanwhile, Kappo Fuji offers high-end Japanese cuisine in an omakase style. The skilled chefs at this establishment utilize the freshest local ingredients to craft an authentic and luxurious culinary journey.

A few sips of sake are perfect to top off your full belly after a lavish meal. Karatsu boasts Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery, a renowned establishment renowned for its sake. Here, you can enjoy tours that unravel the artistry behind sake production and indulge in tastings to appreciate their distinct brews.

Meanwhile, Nakazaki Shuzo Brewery is well-known for its Karatsu sake, a local speciality. The brewery welcomes visitors with guided tours to unveil the secrets behind their sake production methods and provides opportunities for tastings.

Luxury accommodations

Saga's appeal extends to its natural beauty, exemplified by the serene Mifuneyama Rakuen Garden and the hidden gem of Kiyomizu Falls. 

This prefecture also offers a selection of high-end ryokans, which are traditional Japanese inns known for their unique charm. These ryokans provide a special and pampering experience for guests. One of them is the Yoshinogari Park Royal Hotel in Saga City, where you can enjoy spacious tatami rooms, natural hot spring baths, and delicious local cuisine. 

Yoyokaku in Ureshino is another choice, famous for its hot spring waters that are believed to have beauty benefits. This ryokan features elegant rooms, beautiful gardens, and open-air baths where you can relax while enjoying the scenery.

Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel in Takeo is a unique option as it's situated within a beautiful garden known for its art and greenery. This ryokan combines modern design with Japanese traditions, offering delicious meals and onsen baths. 

Transportation options

To reach Saga Prefecture, you have two primary transportation options: you can take domestic and international flights to KYUSHU-SAGA International Airport, or you can opt for the JR train route via Fukuoka Airport. If you plan to visit islands within Saga Prefecture, there are ferry services available, offering a scenic and unique way to reach these captivating destinations.

Getting around Saga Prefecture is easy as you can choose from a variety of local transportation options designed to help you explore the region conveniently. First and foremost, there's an efficient train network operated by JR Kyushu, with Saga Station serving as the central hub in Saga City. 

Taxis are readily available in urban areas, offering a convenient mode of transportation for shorter trips within cities or when visiting attractions that are not well-served by public transport. However, getting a rental car is even more convenient. You can easily rent a car at either Fukuoka Airport or Saga Airport.

In compact cities and towns in Saga, walking or cycling with a rented bike is a pleasant and practical way to get around. Many areas feature pedestrian-friendly streets and paths, making it enjoyable to discover local attractions on foot.

Don’t worry about getting lost alone. Although Saga is far from the hustle and bustle of urban areas like Tokyo, the region still offers decent connectivity to ensure your communication comfort. To further ensure that you remain connected your entire trip, employ Japan eSIM cards. This technology provides cost-effective benefits tailored for tourists visiting Japan.

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