Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji is just what the doctor ordered

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji is just what the doctor ordered

According to research, fewer Americans are going on vacation now than in the past, and data suggests that Americans used to take nearly three weeks of vacation a year in 2000, but took just slightly more than two weeks in 2015. Research from RMIT in Australia also shows that vacations involving educational, therapeutic and leisure activities along with an organic, mostly plant-based diet resulted in substantial improvements in everything from weight, blood pressure and psychological health.

There are several reasons why Fiji is one of 2018’s hottest travel destinations. Not only does it boast one of the most pristine ecosystems in the world and a truly authentic Fijian culture that is virtually untouched, Fiji’s stunning beauty offers individuals a naturally healing and transformative experience. With a limited amount of prized vacation days in the year, individuals want to make the most of their PTO, aiming to combine the perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, and most importantly, self-reflection and self-care.  With all of that in mind, there really is no better place to enjoy the world’s most under the radar destination, than at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.

A pioneer in experiential and eco-luxury travel, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji is a spectacular island destination that offers transformative travel experiences including incredible underwater exploration, rainforest adventures and immersive cultural experiences. The resort offers a myriad of adventure and wellness experiences, such as yoga, meditation, diving, sailing, volleyball, and much more. With direct flights from LAX and SFO, along with pristine waters, authentic cultural experiences, and the best diving in the world, Fiji is a great alternative to the crowded beaches and towns of Hawaii or Mexico.

With the resort’s plethora of wellness offerings and active sports like volleyball, diving, and the like, as well as an exclusively local, organic plant and protein based food program, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers guests a unique opportunity to truly recharge, and self-improve while on vacation.

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