Jet Linx Offers Private Jet Service to Cuba

Jet Linx Offers Private Jet Service to Cuba
Pending local U.S. customs office approval to clear flights, Jet Card holders and aircraft owners, with permission to travel to the country that once barred U.S. travel, can fly to Havana and 11 other airports in Cuba with Jet Linx from anywhere in the U.S.

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our international service area to include Cuba, and the successful completion of our first flight,” said Jamie Walker, President & CEO of Jet Linx. “Inquiries regarding this destination have been steady, and our clients have expressed excitement to take advantage of this new capability, with the same high-standard, personalized service we offer.”

In February 2016, a bilateral agreement between United States and Cuba to restore scheduled air services signaled a new era, opening the gateways to easier travel and big opportunities within the industries. With the agreement in place, various restrictions still apply to travel to Cuba, and trips to the area require careful planning, including permission to travel according to 31 CFR § 515.560.

“Visas are required for passengers, and landing permits must be obtained,” said Mike Kopp, Director of Operations of Jet Linx. “Significant advanced planning must be done to ensure that all of the proper permits, Visas, handling arrangements and authorizations are completed prior to all operations to Cuba, and our team is prepared to help address these special needs.”

Valid reasons to visit the country include: official US, foreign or nongovernmental organization business; journalistic activity; professional research and meetings; educational or religious activities; public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions; support for the Cuban people; and humanitarian projects. Tourism is not considered a valid reason.

Current and future Jet Card clients and aircraft owners interested in travel to Cuba with Jet Linx are encouraged to contact their local Base for more information, or to visit Interested parties can also learn more about Jet Linx's first trip to Cuba and insider travel tips in the Summer edition of Jet Linx's exclusive lifestyle publication, SOAR Magazine.

Since its inception in 1999, Jet Linx has flown over 50 million miles, and now manages the third largest part 135 fleet with 75 total aircraft ranging from light, mid, super mid and heavy jets. The company guarantees service “from” and “to” anywhere in the United States (including its local, private terminals in 14 cities), Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Jet Linx also provides international service to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

In addition, Jet Linx's Jet Card services were recently augmented with a new model of offerings and added value to simplify the way members fly. The Club and Executive Jet Cards are the two most consumer-friendly, cost-effective jet cards in the industry, providing guaranteed availability of any size jet category, guaranteed hourly rates, and a guaranteed highest standard of safety, plus an Elevated Lifestyle benefits program that includes partnerships with over a dozen luxury services.
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