Jet Set Pet: Inflight Luxury Goes to the Dogs

Jet Set Pet: Inflight Luxury Goes to the Dogs
Cats, dogs, ferrets, and even rabbits get pampered while traveling safely and luxuriously. The southern California based company (and with crew members on both coasts) has safety-trained flight attendants who are well versed in the art of treating your furry family member like a welcome guest. We spoke with Carol Martin, top dog, for more insight into their services.

How would you describe your company to our readers?

I have always loved animals with a passion and I love flying. I managed to make a career of my love for flying for many years as a commercial flight attendant for a major US carrier. A few years ago I transitioned over to the world of corporate flying as a private flight attendant. When I made the transition from commercial to corporate flight attendant, I learned in my safety training of an accident where the humans on board survived but the dog did not, when he flew through the cabin and hit the bulkhead on impact. I could not let that go. I found it incomprehensible that we simply brought these pets on board and “hoped for the best.” I can assure you that any client that brings their pet on a private jet thinks of that pet as a family member and will want every consideration given to that family member if he or she becomes ill during the flight or there is an emergency. I set out to make sure crew members on flights with pets are prepared to care for all of their passengers. From this beginning, our company has expanded to five flight attendants and growing, and a training program that trains flight departments in our safety protocols. It turns out folks out there really do value having their entire family treated right.

Can you tell me a more about your services?

Before each flight we get a “pawsenger” profile on each pet so we understand all of their likes and dislikes and any medical conditions. All of our hours in the air with the pets had given me some great insight into what can come up, so I combined that with my safety manuals and developed a set of exclusive Pet Safety Protocols for Pets on Private Jets. We begin each flight with a briefing from a Pet Briefing Card so the parents know what to expect. This covers everything from turbulence and decompression to bracing positions and evacuation on land or in water. Every Sit ‘n Stay Global flight attendant carries a pet seat restraint, a complete set of pet oxygen masks and a pet flotation device. When you think about it, all three of these pieces of equipment are considered mandatory on any flight to keep humans safe… why not for our pet pawsengers too? We are also trained by the Red Cross in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR, because it is really hard to just run off to the vet when you are at 40,000 feet! We only clean our cabins with pet safe products when a pet is on board and are careful where we place items in the cabin that any pet might get into. Every aspect of the pet passenger's comfort is considered just as our human guests' are!

Once you're inflight, what kind of service do your pet passengers receive?

We were all first and foremost corporate flight attendants for humans. We are trained in culinary arts and etiquette and have extensive experience traveling the world with an elite clientele. We developed the safety standards for pets, but once those are addressed we don't want to ruin the elegant setting in the cabin. We have done our homework on pet nutrition and delight in creating beautiful and elegant presentations of fabulous pet meals in flight. Dogs and cats enjoy being pampered too! We bring a fun new toy or two, something soft to cuddle and videos that will entertain the pet mind. If we learn of any other wants or needs from their pet profile, we cover those too. There is never a shortage of cuddling so the pet parents can relax or get some work done, in short… we rather spoil them. We like to call it
FURst Class Service!

Do your services extend beyond the flight?

Many of our clients ask us to stay on at the destination as a Pet Nanny because they have a busy work schedule or will be participating in activities that won't include their pets (Scuba dog???) and don't want to leave them alone in a strange place. We come armed with all of the latest apps to help us find the best dog parks, pet friendly hikes and beaches, stores that will let us shop together and cafes where we can grab a latte. We spend each day exploring at the pet's activity level and even send pictures to the pet parents so they can keep up with our fun. Along the way we'll pick up whatever the pet parent might want so they can come back to their villa or suite and just relax with their happy pet at the end of the day and not even have to go out and fight the crowds. Need a concierge? We all have traveled the world a few times over and will line up whatever you need during the day so it's ready for you when you get home and you can just relax. Happy pets and happy parents… that's what we're all about.

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