Personalizes Luxury Travel Experience Personalizes Luxury Travel Experience
Designed with the international jet charter traveler in mind, provides detailed information on all aircraft listed for charter, including photos, videos, aircraft tail numbers and safety records from ARGUS, the worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for charter aircraft. "Travelers spending top dollar to fly this way should be able to quickly locate the perfect aircraft for their trip as well as discovering exactly which type they will be flying on," said company spokesman, Ernie Falco. He added, "Many people fill out a generic online request form and get a call back from a rep with no real experience in private aviation, who in turn calls an operator in an effort to ‘middle-man' the deal and make a quick buck. eliminates that unnecessary and time-consuming experience for the traveler."

The website also serves as an air charter marketplace for charter operators seeking to promote their services, eliminating needless spending of marketing dollars in order to promote themselves to a demographic that they may not be able to service. “Our retail charter clients only find aircraft that best fit their specific needs, so the operator only pays a small fee to capture that targeted client,” Falco said. Marketing costs are distributed evenly amongst the featured aircraft operators on the website, which has been professionally designed and optimized for greater search engine visibility, increasing the site's overall online presence and performance as a marketing tool that will consistently attract new clients and operators in the future.

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