Journey Through the Finest Wine Country on Earth: France

Journey Through the Finest Wine Country on Earth: France

France has always produced the finest wines in the world. Though there may be a lot of competition from the new world of wines, such as wines from Australia, Chile and Argentina and the West coast of America, nothing quite equals the quality and variety that French wines have to offer.

The wine producers of France have centuries of experience in winemaking, and this shows in the quality of the wine they produce, making French wine the benchmark that other wines are compared to. The variety of wines is another of France’s strong suits.

There is a huge variety of grapes grown across France and many wine enthusiasts think that the country’s climate and the quality of its soil help France consistently produce the best wines in the world. The climate also helps France provide a great holiday destination.

If you fancy making a journey through France in a quest for the finest wines, we’ve provided a quick guide to help you plan your trip and sample the best vintages the planet has to offer.

Build Your Knowledge of the Grape in The North and West

The North and West regions of France produce some of the most unique wines available. The Alsace region has a history of fermenting sweet wines that are an excellent complement to desserts. In the North of the country, you can also find the Champagne region that brought bubbles and celebration to the world of wine. Many sparkling wines attempt to recreate the taste and experience of champagne, but nothing beats the real thing.

Find Full-Bodied Vintages in The Center and South

The Center and South regions of France have produced some of the finest red wines in the world for centuries, and many new labels and varieties are being created all the time at vineyards throughout the regions.

Many travelers take the opportunity to pick up a case or two while on their trip for later or as an investment. Companies like Octavian can provide a wine evaluation and securely store investment wines for collectors. If you pick the right label now, you could pay for the whole trip by selling a vintage bottle in the future.

Why Not Go a Bit Further Than Wine into the Cognac Region?

The Cognac region in central France has produced the world’s best brandies and cognacs for centuries, as the birthplace of these fine liquors with their warm and complex flavors. If you fancy something a little different on your trip, you should definitely make a stop in the Cognac region and sample some of the Very Superior Old Pale (V.S.O.P) bottles of brandy.

France is not just an excellent holiday destination for wine tasting, it is also a great place to visit for families and foodies. Taking a journey through France and stopping in some of the world’s best wine-producing regions can be a road trip that you will remember for your whole lifetime, and give you an opportunity to experience some of the finest cheeses and delicacies to accompany these great bottles of wine.