Journey to Thailand with New Coffee Table Book

Journey to Thailand with New Coffee Table Book
Take a wonderful and aesthetically pleasing photographic trip through these beautiful locales in Katherine Wynne and CoCo Bijou's new book, Thailand Surprise.

As a mother and daughter duo, Wynne and Bijou embarked on a journey through Thailand for a once-in-a-lifetime bonding experience. They started their adventure with open minds and ventured through the streets and sights of Thailand. Their book is a combination of Wynne's remarkable photography talent and Bijou's commentary.

"We wanted to share this incredible experience with other people,” said Bijou. “This is a wonderful exotic locale that simply begs to be shown to the world."

Thailand Surprise is a refreshing photo book that illuminates prospective first time visitors, giving them an accurate snapshot of the many splendid vistas that await them.
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