JUP: The Design Series with Tessa Platner

JUP: The Design Series with Tessa Platner

JUP sits down with some of the world’s top luxury real estate designers to discuss their design ethos, inspiration, and the value of working with a reputable design team for your dream home. Today, we speak with Tessa Platner of Tessa Platner Studio in Los Angeles.

With a culmination of over 20 years of experience, Tessa’s interiors draw from her interest in history, architecture and art, creating a unique and subtle authenticity in all her work.

Residing in Malibu, but traveling around the globe for inspiration, her design approach celebrates the power of soulful spaces grounded in comfort, functionality and foster intimate gathering.

Can you share a bit about yourself and your design ethos?

Our design ethos revolves around creating spaces that reflect the unique personalities and desires of our clients. We believe in crafting homes that blend timeless elegance with modern functionality, while incorporating elements inspired by global travels and authentic pieces. Our goal is to create soulful projects that resonate with our clients on a deep level.

Tessa Platner studio

Offering turn key homes that also incorporate the client’s unique personalities and details is a unique skill. Why is this so important? And why do you think it is even more important in an area like Jupiter?

Offering turnkey homes that incorporate the client’s lifestyle and details is crucial because it transforms a house into a true home. By infusing personal touches and elements that reflect the client’s identity, we create a space that feels deeply connected to its occupants. In an area like Jupiter, this is even more important as it is a place known for its vibrant and diverse community. Designing homes that embrace individuality helps foster a sense of belonging and creates spaces that truly feel like a personal sanctuary.

Given your caliber of work and experience, how would you normally start working with a client on designing their dream home?

When working with a client to design their dream home, we prioritize building a strong relationship based on trust and understanding. We take the time to listen to their vision, needs, and desires, and then translate that into a design concept that captures their unique essence. Our collaborative process involves regular communication, sharing ideas and inspiration, and incorporating elements from their global travels or cherished possessions. It is the trust our clients place in us that allows us to create truly soulful and bespoke designs.

What trends are you seeing in home design for 2023?

In terms of home design trends for 2023, we are seeing a shift towards embracing individuality and making bold statements. YOLO (You Only Live Once) purchases are becoming more prevalent, where homeowners are willing to take risks and invest in unique and personalized elements that truly reflect their dreams and aspirations. This includes using vibrant colors, unconventional textures, and mixing different design styles to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The focus is on creating spaces that evoke joy, authenticity, and a sense of adventure.

Tessa Platner studio

Why is it so important to work with a reputable designer?

Working with a highly reputable designer like myself offers several advantages in the real estate realm. When preparing a home for the market, our expertise in creating visually stunning and cohesive spaces can greatly enhance its appeal to potential buyers. Additionally, when purchasing a home in a beautiful location like Jupiter, but desiring personalization, our design services can help transform the space to match the buyer’s unique taste and lifestyle. This allows homeowners to truly make the house their own and create a sanctuary that reflects their personality.

Each project we undertake presents its own set of unique opportunities and we strive to create something extraordinary for every client. Discretion is a core value of ours, and we are always available to discreetly discuss any specific questions or concerns you may have.

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