Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel Announces Opening of New Oceanfront Restaurant, Huihui

Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel Announces Opening of New Oceanfront Restaurant, Huihui

Hawaii’s Most Hawaiian Hotel, Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel, has unveiled Huihui, the iconic property’s new signature beachfront restaurant that pays homage to the longstanding tradition of Hawaiian wayfinding. Meaning “star constellation” or “to join, intermingle, mix,” the 5,000 square-foot culinary venue will serve as a gathering place for hotel guests and locals alike, providing a relaxed dining experience with unobstructed ocean views. Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel’s Executive Chef Tom Muromoto will remain at the helm of Huihui and present a fresh take on traditional Hawaiian cuisine and cooking methods. Huihui, and its casual poolside complement Welowelo, will open to the public on June 29, 2021.

In keeping with Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel’s long-standing culinary traditions, Huihui will focus on Hawaii regional cuisine, offering modern takes on classic island fare for all three meal periods. From micro-greens and ʻulu to venison, chicken and open ocean fish, Huihui’s menu is representative of Hawaiian cuisine across land and sea and symbolizes the height of what the islands have to offer. A special ”ʻōlelo noʻeau” will be written atop each menu – unique for breakfast, lunch and dinner – introducing the inspiration and cohesion for that individual collection of dishes, setting the tone for the dining experience ahead.

In the morning, guests can savor a cup of Huihui’s signature coffee blend, specially crafted by neighboring artisan roaster Maui ‘Oma Coffee, while enjoying signature dishes such as Poi French Toast and Hikina (sunrise) Bowl with Cocoa chia pudding, granola, chunks of fresh niu (coconut) maiʻa (banana), macadamia nuts with additional seasonal fruits & berries, or the Huihui Breakfast, chefʻs twist on avocado toast using Makawao avocado, kāmano lomi (salted salmon with onion and tomato), pickled ogo (seaweed) and red onion with nīoi (Hawaiian chili pepper) sauce, all served alongside a collection of freshly baked breads and pastries prepared in-house. At lunchtime, dishes like the Molokai Venison Burger and a Poke Holokai, a seafarer’s poke with fresh ʻōpelu (mackerel), papaʻi (crab) and tobiko (fish roe), take center stage, complemented by fusion appetizers Short Rib Bao and Pepeiao (wood ear mushrooms) and Pork Dumplings.

As the sun begins to set, Huihui will offer Pau Hana in the lounge, with a selection of light bites served alongside the restaurant’s compelling collection of locally inspired cocktails, such as the Māmaki Old Fashioned, Lilikoʻi Mojito and Smoked Li Hing Margarita, and food-friendly wine list, which incorporates suggested menu pairings for each bottle. Dinner will showcase traditional Hawaiian cooking methods such as kōʻala (barbecue) preparations of New York steak and chicken, daily fresh catch in the lāwalu (wrapped in ti leaf and grilled) method, and Chef Muromoto’s signature Laulau with pork, chicken and cod steamed in lū’au (taro leaf). For dessert, diners will revel in sweet indulgences such as Poi Malasadas with house made macadamia nut ice cream or the delectable Banana Bread Ice Cream Sandwich. From sunrise to sunset, Huihui will showcase Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel’s unparalleled commitment to community and Hawaiian culture.

Hōloi i ka Pōʻino o ka ʻĀina Blessing

In harmony with the hotel’s commitment to honoring Hawaiian culture, Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel held a pre-groundbreaking blessing of the land where Huihui now sits. Titled “Hōloi i ka Pōʻino o ka ʻĀina” which translates to “Cleanse the Misfortune of the Land,” the spiritual ceremony was conducted by Kumu Kaponoʻai Molitau, with the intent of clearing the earth of any negative energy that may be exposed prior to construction.

Moanaku'inamoku Voyaging Academy

The waterfront retreat will also function as a sailing academy dedicated to the ancient Hawaiian art of voyaging, featuring a space to house the hotels’ Hawaiian paddling and sailing canoes. Meaning “the ocean that connects islands together,” the new Moanaku'inamoku Voyaging Academy will provide a true, authentic experience of Hawaiian wayfinding for guests and community members.


Welowelo, Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel’s new poolside oasis, will serve comfortably approachable, kid-friendly cuisine in a laid-back setting by the pool. Meaning “shooting star,” Welowelo will be a casual, day-time counterpart for Huihui. The menu will feature dishes with local flair, such as the Hawaiian Bowl with puaʻa kālua (steamed, shredded pork), kāmano lomi (salted salmon, mixed with onions and tomato), cucumber, asian slaw, avocado and lime aioli served over white or brown rice, alongside more classic fare like pizzas, sandwiches and burgers. They will also offer frozen treats and chilled refreshments to help guests cool off as they soak in the Hawaiian sun.

Kealaula Enhancement Project

Huihui and the Moanaku'inamoku Voyaging Academy are just one component of phase one of Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel’s “Kealaula” Enhancement Project. Functioning more as a renewal rather than renovation, Kealaula signifies both the light of early sunrise and the glow of a warm sunset. At both times, the skies are engulfed in beautiful colors and mark the beginning and end of the day. This cyclical event drives the heart of the coming updates as the spirit of “Hawaii’s Most Hawaiian Hotel” is celebrated and renewed.

Elemental to the $75 million first phase of this property wide renaissance, the hotel also added an additional level of parking and unveiled a significant redesign to the newly renamed Papakū South Wing and Kauhale Southeast Wing, courtesy of PhilPotts Interiors, in March 2021. Each guest room was refreshed and infused with new and modern design elements while still retaining a strong sense of Hawaiian culture, inspired by the kukui nut lei. Exuding an earthy feel with muted palettes, each enhanced room features employee made Makamae shadow boxes including mākau (fishhooks), lūhe‘e (octopus lure), lei kūpe‘e (nerite lei), lei pipipi (nerite lei) and mea kaua (weapons). The beloved, sweeping courtyard has also been refreshed to convey a sense of place with edible plants including maiʻa, ʻuala, ʻulu, kī leaves and more.

For more information on Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel and Huihui, please visit www.kbhmaui.com.

Image Credit: Ka'anapali Beach Hotel