Kate Holmes Design - Hand Cast Sterling Silver Pendants for Dog Lovers

Kate Holmes Design - Hand Cast Sterling Silver Pendants for Dog Lovers

Kate Holmes creates hand cast and finished sterling silver necklace pendants that are worn by Dog Moms and Dads to honor the bond they share with their pets.

She believes that our ‘fur babies’ hold a unique and very special place in our lives and hearts, and our relationships with them is not that different from the human relationships we often commemorate with symbolic jewelry.

Her intention from the start was to produce a collection of timeless pieces - classic yet unique. Simplicity, done well, is the ultimate form of sophistication. She thinks jewelry for Pet Parents should be nothing less. Each pendant reflects some aspect of the human | dog relationship and attains a level of daily wear-ability.

In general, she is fascinated by artisanal craftsmanship, of getting a sense of the heart and soul involved in the journey to create a gorgeous thing that makes the world a brighter and more beautiful place. A thing not produced to perfect precision, but forged by hand with highest attention to detail and quality.

She loves the process of becoming an expert ‘craftsman.’ "It's a continuous quest to hone and shape a product I proudly stand behind. And in so doing, hopefully inspire another person who shares these same values."

Kate Holmes is a Fine Arts graduate of Brown University and has pursued a successful career in painting for several decades, owning two galleries - in San Miguel de Allende and Cape Cod - before turning her attention to silversmithing.

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