KBO Bike: The Best Folding Electric Bike for City Commuting & Off-Road Riding

KBO Bike: The Best Folding Electric Bike for City Commuting & Off-Road Riding

The best electric bike brands are available in various styles and types to accommodate a variety of consumers and meet their needs. The electric folding bicycle is one of these design categories. Moreover, a foldable ebike is an excellent choice if you are bothered about the weight, as they often weigh less than standard electric bikes. You can check out the Flip Electric Folding Bike, the latest addition to the KBO range of electric bikes.

You can fold your Flip electric bike into any vehicle, hallway, or storage space in three quick, simple steps. The Flip folding electric bike weighs 57lbs which is more lightweight than other KBO ebikes. The Flip caters to customers who need a bike that is easier to transport and store. If you want to know about KBO's foldable electric bike or if it’s the right choice, keep reading.

Design and excellent performance of the Flip

The design of the Folding Electric Bike KBO Flip is striking, and it has become one of the premium bikes for city commuting. It has a fantastic design and effective performance. The Flip ebike has quick-release levers at key positions that make it easy to swing the frame in on itself, and the folding process requires three easy steps. Moreover, the KBO Flip ebike can be foldable at both the ends of its handlebars and the frame. The folding process creates a small, compact package that is simpler to keep in your trunk, in the pathways of your apartment, or under your desk.

On a single charge, KBO Flip has a range of 35 miles in pure electric mode and 60 miles in PAS mode, which places it in the class 2 classification of ebike. Although, its range may change depending on the riders' weight and the state of the roads. With the Flip ebike, you get a longer mileage and excellent performance.

Technical Specifications of the Flip

The Flip ebike is already one of the market's top qualities and affordable folding ebike. It has excellent bike performance, design and battery, and other features. Below are some of its specifications:




36V 15.6Ah

Hub Motor



35 miles



Total payload capacity




Pedal Assist Intelligence


Bike frame

6061 aluminum


Half twist throttle

Folded Dimensions


Product Dimensions



Electrical Features

The 15.6Ah Lithium-ion Battery on the Flip electric bike provides 35 miles of pure battery riding power per charge. The ebike's power source keeps the weight centered and manageably low just behind the seat. It can be removed and locked, allowing charging on or off the bike. For a full battery charge, it takes about six hours.

Its robust 500W continuous brushless geared motor offers outstanding performance and facilitates effortless riding on roads, beaches, and trails. The motor, which enables the ebike to spin comfortably up to 20 mph, supplies the bike with long-lasting power. It charges in around 6 hours and has a minimum range of 30 miles per charge.

KBO Flip differs from other brands of folding bikes as it has a Shimano 7-speed Gear Derailleur, which makes its gears move much faster. Additionally, it has a three-level pedal assist and can go Up to 35 miles on Pure electric and Up to 60 miles using Pedal assist. As expected of a top-quality ebike, it features a multifunctional LCD Display that shows the PAS, battery capacity, speed, odometer, etc.

Mechanical Features

Most riders desire the KBO Flip electric folding bike's features. It has a dual front suspension fork with firm damping that can readily be adjusted to uneven surfaces and offers a comfortable ride.

The bike has 160mm forged alloy brakes and wide 20" * 3" CHAOYANG tires for stability and excellent traction for easier riding on several terrains. It has the same tire type as the Ranger electric cargo ebike.

Other specifications

Even though the Flip ebike fits in most RVs and trunks easily, it has a 330 lbs payload capacity, which is more than the Breeze and Step-Thru load capacity. This foldable ebike is ideal for riders looking for the finest foldable ebike at $869.00 with a two-year warranty. Flip folding ebike has features like a half-twist throttle, making riding effortless.

Other features include an integrated brake rear light, an upgraded CPSC Certified headlight, and a comfortable saddle. Also, It comes with full flip Fenders, a rear rack, and a multifunction Bicycle 16-in-1 Repair Toolkit.

KBO bike

Why choose a KBO Flip Folding Ebike?

The Flip folding electric bikes have some features that distinguish them from other folding ebikes, which you must consider, especially when choosing your first electric bicycle. Its foldable Aluminum frame makes it easy to use and store. The following are some reasons you should get the KBO Flip folding ebike:

Space-friendly and easy to use

It may be a little stressful moving a conventional ebike around, especially on public transport. One of the significant benefits of owning a folding E-bike is the ability to fold it into half for easy use and portability. With the KBO Flip, you can fold your bike into a compact, portable shape and quickly restore its form. The KBO Flip compresses into a portable design in a matter of seconds and weighs only 57lbs. You can safely store it inside your home or workplace. Thus, this folding feature makes it a seamless commuter bike that is easy to transport and store.  

Sturdy Foldable Aluminum Frame

Electric bikes should be available in various forms and aesthetics to satisfy user expectations and compete in a constantly evolving market. The KBO Flip has a sturdy folding Aluminum Frame for easier dismounting. The ebike's design uses minimal parts, enabling simple assembly and three-step folding. Thus, this KBO foldable bike for adults has a compact frame. Due to its lightweight structure, it's simpler to handle and maneuver in different urban environments. Also, carrying your regular e-bike around, especially in buildings with an elevator, could be more accessible.

Easy maneuvering and protection

You may stop worrying about your bike's safety using an electric bicycle that folds. It allows you to take it with you everywhere you go and keep a close eye on them. A folding E-bike may also fit and navigate places that a car cannot. You can timely reach your various destinations thanks to this. Due to its unibody construction, the Flip is simpler to handle and maneuver in different urban environments.

Final Thoughts

Foldable e-bikes come in multiple designs to provide cyclists with a comfortable ride and a distinctive riding experience. KBO has now presented another premium ebike with a folding capacity feature. The folding electric bike is easier to transport since it can fit in most trunks. The ebike tires, frame, and battery capacity make it a perfect companion for city commuting and off-road riding. If you want a better experience with easier storage, go for the KBO Flip electric folding bike.