King's Row Coffee: High-end Coffee Blends Custom Tailored for Different Environments

King's Row Coffee: High-end Coffee Blends Custom Tailored for Different Environments
Before Chef Shelton graduated from Yale in 1982 with degrees in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics, his plan was to be a doctor. When his passion shifted to the culinary world, his expertise in chemistry and physiology did not go to waste. Rather, they have proven to be defining factors in a 25 year reign over some of the nation's best restaurants and most coveted culinary awards, ultimately leading to the world's first destinations coffees.

Years ago, while chef-de-cuisine at Bouley, the nation's #1 restaurant, Chef Shelton began searching for the perfect cup of coffee. After sampling over 280 of the world's best single origins, he concluded that not one provided a perfectly complex and balanced tasting experience from start to finish.

Rather than settle for anything less than perfection, Shelton pioneered a Bordeaux wine-inspired blending method using only the world's best beans, and over the past quarter-century, expanded on his perfect cup by recognizing and solving the issue that the physiology of taste poses to great coffee, everywhere, regardless of quality.

A More Robust Taste for Marine Environments

Thus was born KRC's Coastal Blend, the first ever coffee blend specially developed to overcome the deleterious effects of brine air on the palate. Chef Shelton discovered the need for the Coastal Blend after cupping some great quality coffees at the beach. He was first puzzled by the ‘flat, dull' tasting experience until he realized that the brine in the salt air was deadening to the palate. It took more than two years, but he conquered the problem. The result is a darker roast and bold, in-your-face coffee that rises above ambient smells in salty air while preserving a refined and balanced taste.

The World's First High Altitude Optimized Blend

The next situation to surmount became brewing at high altitudes. KRC discovered that coffee brewed at higher elevations will never reach it's intended flavor profile, regardless of quality. Since the boiling temperature of water drops 2°F for each 1,000 feet of elevation, coffee brewed at higher altitudes, whether in a ski-lodge or in your home, will over-extract the alkaloids, which are bitter, and under-extract the oils, which emit desirable elements. So they set about to engineer the first coffee blend designed to compensate for the lower brewing temperature of the typical ski-lodge. When they finally perfected it, the Mountain Blend was born -- a medium roast coffee with a creamy body and remarkable sweetness, tasting bright, balanced and smooth at high altitudes. It achieves its peak taste profile when brewed at mountain and ski resorts.

A Bolder Taste for Outdoor Environments

Arguably KRC's boldest coffee, the Sportsman's Blend is highly versatile, with a slightly elevated acidity level and a slightly higher proportion of dark roasted beans. It is engineered to be resilient to the distortive effects of terrestrial settings such as barns and fields, which allows it to reach its peak taste profile in aromatic outdoor settings. This blend is built for your outdoor adventures and can be enjoyed on the go or from the comfort of your porch. You'll savor this assertive and vibrant coffee, characterized by a powerful, balanced body with a long, smooth and crisp finish.

The World's First Aviation Optimized Blend

KRC reaches new heights with their Aviation Blend. Luxury travelers can now enjoy great coffee while high flying in their own jets with this powerful and perfectly balanced blend that positively shines at 30,000 feet.

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