King's Row Launches First Wine-Inspired Coffee Pairings

King's Row Launches First Wine-Inspired Coffee Pairings
KRC harnesses the science of taste using an innovative roasting method and the world's best beans, with a specific scientific purpose in mind.

Sam Sabky, CEO of KRC explains, "Everyone wants amazing coffee. What makes King's Row Coffee stand out is that we alone recognize and address how the physiology of taste affects our coffee experience under a variety of common circumstances, regardless of quality. Our mission is to guarantee amazing coffee, regardless of where you are or what you are doing."

King's Row Coffee is roasted to order, bringing coffee to your doorstep that was specifically roasted for the consumer. Similar to a wine-food pairing, each KRC blend is designed to be perfect in specific settings and situations that distort our palate, such as high-altitudes, salty ocean air and with sweet foods.

Novel to the world of coffee, KRC is spearheading the movement to revive the neglected potential of blends. The traditional "stock recipe" approach is a one-step process in which different coffees are roasted together, at the same temperature and time interval, yielding an unimpressive coffee experience.

Drawing on the assemblage method of Bordeaux wines, KRC's full-spectrum, "Broadband" method capitalizes on the potential of blends to be an enhancement, by giving each coffee varietal the individual attention it needs to be great, as opposed to the status quo shortcut approach.

By roasting each of the four to six coffees within a given blend individually, in small batches, and to a custom temperature and time interval, KRC can achieve a wide range of flavor and aromatic expression to be communicated together, such as beautiful floral notes and vibrant acidity. The result is a flawlessly complex coffee experience that is not achievable in other blends and single origins.

King's Row Coffee blends were crafted over the past 25 years by Chef Craig Shelton. He began searching for the perfect cup of coffee a quarter-century ago while chef-de-cuisine at Bouley, the nation's #1 restaurant. After sampling more than 280 of the world's best single origins, he concluded that not one provided a perfectly complex and balanced tasting experience from start to finish. The solution had to be a blend and he pioneered his own wine-inspired method with a specific scientific purpose in mind.

"We can take a 100 dollar bottle of wine and give you a 10 dollar tasting experience if we serve it with the wrong dish,” said Craig Shelton, the creator of King's Row Coffee. "That's because our palate measures all taste relative to the immediate environment - by comparison and in sequence. The same science applies to coffee in that you can have the best quality coffee in the world and it won't be what it should in certain settings due to the physiology of taste. Just think about the last time you tasted orange juice after brushing your teeth. We leverage what we know about taste to craft specific flavor experiences that pair perfectly with wherever you are and whatever you are up against."

The shade-grown Arabica beans that make up each KRC blend are some of the world's finest beans. They are ethically procured through a quality over quantity program in which farmers are paid 35 to 100 percent more than Fair Trade rates based on quality alone, following a cupping at the grower level. The approach yields consistently impeccable quality in KRC blends and fair treatment of the lands and workers.

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