Kobi Karp Leads Contemporary Architecture Forward in the Realm of Natural Expression

Kobi Karp Leads Contemporary Architecture Forward in the Realm of Natural Expression

The pinnacle of luxury in today's zeitgeist are properties that appear as natural- if not accentuated- extensions of their environments, a la the mold of Aman Resorts.

It takes a shrewd and uncanny eye for detail to conceive of properties that possess such natural expression. To deliver such effects, today's emerging market leader in architectural natural expression Kobi Karp uncovers, and then employs a locations local topographical and cultural flavors into unique designs that define the cities they exist in.

According CEO Kobi Karp, "The firm's drive is derived from the experiential connection to the real world. Our approach appeals to the sense and environmental, historical context of our designs. The projects tell emotional stories. The design of the development is a dynamic relationship between the local environment and the history of the site itself. Understanding the culture, heritage and environment creates a foundation of unique design solutions which appeal to the social, economical, philosophical, and emotional orientation of the guests and clients"

Kobi Karp's natural expressions have transformed Miami's architectural landscape to a significant extent- across an array of different property types including luxurious mansions and hotels, to historic landmarks and affordable housing, being directly responsible for the city's evolution into an architectural front-runner on the global scale.

Karp plans to continue to guide not only Miami's architectural evolution, but also plans to inject elevated, naturalistic architectural expression on a bigger scale in the Middle-east- where the firm has its secondary headquarters and in emerging markets worldwide.

Relying on its minted case study of Miami, look out for Karp's work to converge environment with stunning architectural design across every new market it ventures into, ultimately creating a prevailing new paradigm for cities to define themselves by,