L'Auberge de Sedona Debuts Metaphysical Programming

L'Auberge de Sedona Debuts Metaphysical Programming

As travelers continue to seek immersive and fulfilling excursions, L’Auberge de Sedona welcomes guests to experience its new metaphysical programming this fall. The metaphysical experiences will allow guests to delve into the philosophical meanings of space and time, while gaining a better understanding about the nature of the world and what it means to inhabit it.  Through these unique experiences, guests will learn to harness and explore their own metaphysical power through intriguing masterclasses taught by Sedona experts. From astrology to reiki, chakra and vortex knowledge, curious guests will leave the property with a deeper understanding of self within the realm.

Backdropped by the breathtaking Sedona red rocks and situated on the serene Oak Creek, the resort is a favorite for travelers looking to reconnect with themselves and others through a plethora of offerings. The debut of these classes serves as an expansion of the resort’s endlessly enriching experiences that provide guests with a renewed sense of balance and enlightenment. The launch of the program precedes a variety of additional metaphysical courses and on-site offerings to launch in 2021 and beyond. As part of the resort’s core foundation, the programming pays homage to Sedona traditions while incorporating new innovations in metaphysical practices.

Helmed by local Sedona expert, Paula Lockwood,  the resort taps into the studies of the metaphysical with locally-inspired immersive classes including:

  • Crystal Introduction and Meditation
    • This introduction to crystals and stones explains the meaning of the types, colors and shapes of crystals. Guests will learn to identify specific stones for healing, protection, clarity and grounding. Every guest will receive one crystal of their choice, which they can charge on the vortex for natural benefits. As well, guests will participate in a short meditation to attune themselves to their stone.
  • Sound Healing
    • Crystal bowls bring guests into a deep, relaxed, meditative state. Sound healing works by sending sound waves throughout the body, bringing harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore the body's balance which in turn helps to heal.
  • Welcome Reading and Astrology
    • Guests will receive an introduction to Tarot, Numerology and Astrology with a short Tarot reading to show how the cards can be interpreted. There will be a discussion of the Astrology chart and the three primary aspects (Sun, Moon and Rising sign), how to find them and what they mean in a chart.
  • Intro to Vortexes – Energy Sedona
    • Guests will be taken on a discussion of geologic phenomenon which may create vortex energy and a presentation of the various theories about what the vortexes are and how they may affect individuals. Guests will learn the spiritual significance of ley lines and the 4 primary vortexes in Sedona and their elements. There will be tips on the best ways to enjoy and experience the vortexes.
  • Intro Reiki, Chakra & Energy Healing
    • Guests will be immersed in a presentation on the Energy Body and how energy healing techniques such as Reiki can support stress reduction and optimize health. As well, they’ll learn the meaning, significance and influence of Chakra’s and attend a brief meditation to tune into personal Chakras and identify where there may be an imbalance.

In tandem, while on property visitors can enjoy the world-class L’Apothecary Spa set amidst the property’s idyllic forest accompanied by the calming sounds of rolling waters. Guests have the option of selecting out-of-the-ordinary treatments such as creekside massages which take place within the stunning natural surroundings. After a day of rejuvenation and looking inward, guests can dine at Cress on Oak Creek, serving elevated creekside fare designed by Executive Chef John Gapasin. Guests looking for an unforgettable evening can dine alongside the calming creek or enjoy a meal in pensive solitude in their suite accompanied by wines from the resort’s award-winning cellar.

Whether guests have a deep understanding of the metaphysical landscape or are curious to learn the basics, L’Auberge de Sedona has classes for every level and type of traveler. This fall is the perfect time to gain new understanding of the realm and to soak in the benefits of these practices amidst the powerful vortexes of Sedona.