Live Like an Emperor on the World's Most Exclusive Private Island

Live Like an Emperor on the World's Most Exclusive Private Island
Private Fijian Laucala Island is one of the world's most exclusive destinations and has been described as ‘Paradise on Earth' in the South Pacific. This Chinese New Year, a week of celebrations and activities to enable guests to ‘Live like an Emperor' have been announced along with a feast of traditional food & drink that will be available from February 7th to 13th 2016.

Although Emperors no longer exist in China, Laucala Island offers guests the chance to live in ‘paradise' and be pampered like royalty, just in time for all the festivities of the next lunar New Year.

Laucala Island can customise any itinerary according to guests' needs and interests; golf on their championship course can be arranged, as well as tennis, horseback riding and submarine diving. Exceptional services such as personal chef, child-minding, housekeeping, laundry and dry cleaning services are also part of the all-inclusive residence price, so that guests can truly immerse themselves in Chinese New Year celebrations, without having to worry about anything. No other private island offers such a range of leisure facilities and with more than 350 staff members that provide the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the world.

This elite all-inclusive private island has 25 exquisite villas, all with their own pools. Rates start at the one bedroom villa for two, priced at US$4,800 per night to a three bedroom villa for six, priced atUS$ 11,800 per night.*

Welcome to Laucala Island

A translated travel guide and welcome pack will be available in Chinese for ease and guests will be welcomed to their villas with an exclusive Chinese New Year snack box, known as the ‘Tray of Togetherness' in Chinese custom, that has eight compartments filled with sweets to start the New Year. Guests can enjoy traditional Chinese treats such as candied melon that symbolises good health, kumquats that signify prosperity, dried coconut representing togetherness and red melon seeds for happiness.

Embroided slippers will be personalised with the guests surname to add to the indulgence, a gift that can be taken home by all visitors, together with New Year Fortunes that will be given to guests in their rooms, wishing them and their families a happy and healthy New Year of the Monkey.

Feasts for an Emperor

Keeping with tradition, the Chinese a la carte breakfast and lunch will include food that have meanings for longevity, reunion, good luck and health. The menu will be filled with authentic Chinese dishes including dim sum, turnip cake, sweet rice cake, long noodles and vegetarian dishes as part of the Buddhist culture for cleansing your body and soul for the New Year.

A Chinese Afternoon Set will also be available at the Plantation House and in-villa dining which will have a variety of dim sum and delights to indulge guests. Furthermore a Chinese Tea Tasting Corner will be offered at the Plantation House with an assortment of Chinese teas such as pu'er, oolong, green, black, yellow, white and flower teas that will leave guests refreshed and ready to feast again.

Pampering Spa & Wellness Activities

Put your feet up Emperor! A complimentary foot massage for each guest, exclusive to the Chinese New Year season will be given on arrival in special red pockets from Laucala Island. This can be enjoyed in the spa or in the personal space of the villas.

Say goodbye to last year and rejuvenate for the New Year with Chinese aromatherapy oil spa treatments. The all-natural alternative and holistic healing method blends oils that relax the five senses. The essential oils will use Chinese scents such as plum blossom, mandarin and jasmine, which has been known to reducing tension and stress and is great for respiratory problems.

Chinese New Year Celebrations
Symbolic of problems and worries floating away, guests can write their wishes and desires on the sky lanterns at the beach party and release them into the night, guests can enjoy the view and say cheers with Champagne to the New Year. Laucala Island wishes everyone “新年快樂” accompanied by good health, fortune and happiness in the New Year!

*All rates are subject to local government taxes of 25%.

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