Laucala Island’s Cultural Village Showcases Traditions, Crafts, Culture

Laucala Island’s Cultural Village Showcases Traditions, Crafts, Culture
The village offers a look into the cultural history of the country and provides an impressive setting for traditional ceremonies, dances and activities.

The Cultural Village is located near Laucala Island's main resort area and includes a Village Hall, Bure Kalou (spirit house), Chief's Hut and a chapel, which is often used to host weddings or other celebrations. Local Fijian artists enjoy carving wooden sculptures, weaving mats and baskets and creating Masi Art, craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations. Guests are able to observe or make an appointment to learn these traditional activities. The Cultural Village provides children with an enriching and educational experience allowing young guests to immerse themselves as they learn the native language.

Lovo Night is a customary Fijian gathering at the Cultural Village and is one of the highlights on Laucala Island. Guests are sent a formal invitation and offered a Sulu, a skirt traditionally worn by men and women as Fiji's national dress. Guests will experience true Fijian culture and hospitality as they are welcomed with songs and dances. While enjoying a cocktail, the Chefs will present how the meal will be cooked Fijian-style in a Lovo, or earth oven. The Lovo is a steam cooker that uses pre-heated rocks and the moisture from leaves and banana stumps to cook the food. Following the Lovo presentation, guests are invited to take part in a Kava Ceremony celebrated in the Chief's Hut. It is a central and ancient part of Fijian culture offering a ceremonial drink made and shared as a form of welcome. When the Kava ceremony is completed, guests are invited to watch the traditional dance Meke Performance. Nearly 40 Fijians from the neighboring village, Vatusogosogo come to Laucala Island to perform. After the show, guests will enjoy a three course meal prepared from the Lovo presentation earlier.

Unlike other island resorts, the Cultural Village on Laucala Island allows guests to experience a truly authentic depiction of the island's culture. While no one lives in the Cultural Village, guests are welcome to visit neighboring island Qamea, which is inhabited by three villages of 250 Fijians. The Cultural Manager at Laucala Island can orchestrate a visit and introduce the Village and their people.The authentic connections with the islanders' cultural history make a trip to Laucala Island unforgettable.

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