Laucala Island Launches Innovative Fullscreen Video Website

Laucala Island Launches Innovative Fullscreen Video Website
Featuring intuitive navigation and dynamic, innovative web design, the new website, designed by Germany-based avantage (, now features a new opener, responsive web design and focuses almost exclusively on motion with a greater extend of video footage. These updates allow detail enhanced, never-before-seen views of the island's pristine natural habitat and world-class resort and amenities.

New fantastic video showcases the resort's 25 villas, spacious rooms and suites, dining and spa amenities, and most prominently, the beautiful surroundings of the island, including the island's coconut plantations, exquisite beaches and lush green mountains. The high resolution videos aim to trigger emotions and provide an insider's look at the on-island experience.

Enhancement of the online booking process encourages visitors to spend more time interacting with the resort online. The innate navigation of the booking tool allows viewers to check availability quickly and book rooms without distraction. This modern approach additionally features new engine booking capacities via collaboration with Leading Hotels of the World.

“Laucala Island is dedicated to providing the best service, which we are now better able to extend to our guests online,” said Laucala Island General Manager David Stepetic. “The new site encourages visitors to spend more time engaging with the resort and provides an effective booking tool that makes for a simple and intuitive service. Additionally, the new warm colors used in the website's design make it easier for guests to scan and experience the site.”

"It's a crazy idea and the belief to make it happen that has created such a successful end-product," said avantage creative mind Sebastian Baier, the force behind the five-man strong team that designs websites from a location based in rural Eastern Germany.

Additional features include multiple video streams for various browsers and devices in FullHD, accessibility on mobile devices such as the iPad and other tablets without the requirement of the flash plugin and HTML5/SVG. New features additionally allow for easy linking to social networking sites including Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

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