Ultimate Mind & Body Rejuvenation on Laucala Island, Fiji

Ultimate Mind & Body Rejuvenation on Laucala Island, Fiji
Blending traditional Fijian spa treatments with fresh and local seasonal soul-food, Laucala Island offers guests a wellness experience for ultimate mind and body rejuvenation.

With a staff ratio of 7:1, guests enter a realm of relaxation from the moment they arrive at the all-inclusive private resort. Designed to help guests to improve their mind and physique through nutrition, body work and sun salutation, Laucala Island incorporates elements of the entire island into each guest's experience.

Laucala Island is more than 80 percent self-sustainable and grows an array of organic produce, from herbs and spices to a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables, while also raising animals from cattle, pigs and poultry on the 240-acre farm. They also have more than 50 Fijian vanilla plants and oversee 18 beehives in different locations on the island, allowing the honey to vary in taste and scent. Guests will enjoy numerous food dishes and spa treatments created from the same freshly sourced ingredients, such as the Classical Facial which combines the islands honey, papaya, cucumber and aloe.

With more than a quarter of the island covered in coconut groves, its versatile products shape every visit to Laucala, used as a source of shade, culinary refinement or an ingredient for homemade wellness products.

Laucala's traditional Fijian Bobo massage is a healing treatment, passed down through generations as part of a deep-rooted culture, which uses infused coconut oils to relieve tension, aches and stress, while increasing circulation and drawing out toxins to improve overall health and well-being.

After treatments, guests can unwind and savor some alone time at their own private pool, followed by a relaxing evening at Rock Lounge, enjoying stunning sunset views.

Visit website: www.laucala.com