Limited Seats Remain on Intrav's Inaugural Around-the-World Private Jet Journey

Limited Seats Remain on Intrav's Inaugural Around-the-World Private Jet Journey
Titled “Timeless Destinations,” the bespoke journey visits eight awe-inspiring countries during a 25-day global enlightenment, as guests are whisked between cultures aboard a customized Boeing 757-200ER luxury jet complete with an all first-class cabin featuring 50 flat-bed seats, ensuring the ultimate in travel comfort.

The “Timeless Destinations” global journey departs Sept. 8 from Fort Lauderdale and visits Rio de Janeiro, Easter Island, Bora Bora, Sydney, Myanmar, the Taj Majal and Jaipur, Istanbul and Marrakech. The all-inclusive trip exudes luxury every step of the way, from an on-board gourmet chef, to stunning luxury hotels, including three palaces: Capocabana Palace in Rio, Aureum Palace in Bagan and Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, as well as non-regimented personalized sightseeing for each guest.

“What makes Intrav a truly unique option for luxury travelers is that we deliver the best of all worlds, providing extraordinary experiences, unparalleled comfort, exclusivity, convenience and value as guests realize their around-the-world dream trip,” said Linda Wischmeyer, Intrav President. “Even though guests are flying aboard the same luxury private jet, the on-the ground experiences are entirely customizable so each guest can choose their own adventure. When the Intrav jet touches down, you'll see a row of private cars waiting to take each guest exactly where they want to go, to experience exactly what they want to experience, and all at their own pace.”

A special travel concierge works with each guest to plan an unforgettable itinerary for each sojourn, with ground excursions included in the trip price. Intrav works only with premium tourism operators around the world to offer the most cutting edge on-the-ground excursions, often leveraging inside connections to provide access to exclusive activities and entities not otherwise open to the public. From a submarine excursion off Bora Bora, to helicoptering through Australia's wine regions to the fascinating Archaeological Zone of Bagan, there are unique activities to inspire world travelers across a variety of ages and interests.

Intrav's customized Boeing 757-200ER jet is also a first in class, boasting side-by-side 180-degree flat-bed seats that allow for easy conversations between companions, and an even easier time getting quality rest as the jet traverses time zones. The luxurious Italian designed leather seats were built exclusively for and are solely owned by Intrav and also feature in-seat personal massage, more than 6.5-feet of personal space and an ingenious ottoman that converts into seating to create a comfortable four-person lounge area.

The aircraft also features enhancements to on-board lavatories and an onboard chef catering to guests with gourmet food and beverages. The experience is ultimate luxury at 30,000 feet.

Pricing is all inclusive and begins at $99,950 per person. Early bookings assure wider seat selection and are encouraged to ensure guests allow time to secure the necessary travel visas, with assistance from Intrav's personal travel concierges.

To inquire about joining an Intrav journey, contact your travel agent or Intrav's Guest Relations team at 1.888.757.9700 or 206.209.5770 or email