London Travel Guide: 10 Expert Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

London Travel Guide: 10 Expert Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

London is one of the world’s greatest cities. It offers plenty to do if you are a first-time visitor. However, navigating London can seem intimidating, considering the huge size of the city and its plethora of attractions. You should rely on a helpful London travel guide to help you get around and enjoy to the fullest on your visit.

London is one place which you cannot explore fully on only one trip. You can try to cover the major landmarks and places of historical importance in a few days. If you have time or are staying for a week, few weeks or a month (or more) on work or leisure, then you can cover a large part of London and its surrounding areas with ease. On that note, here are some useful London travel tips that may help.

London Travel Tips worth Noting

Here are some tips that your London travel guide highly recommends:

  • Choose the best time to visit- London is known for its fluctuating and erratic weather conditions. This may create a scenario where you end up requiring sunglasses and hats and umbrellas and jackets on the same day! London is best-visited in spring. March to May offers cold to warm weather transitions before the summer season sets in. The best tip is to keep a jacket with you in order to stay protected against sudden chills and rainy weather. You should always have an umbrella with you in London. The period between December and January, especially Christmas, is a magical time to visit London.
  • Stay right while on the escalator- While it may seem a quirky tip, it is a rule that is unwritten and widely-known in London. You should keep to the right on escalators to allow people to pass easily. This will certainly make life easier for you in London.
  • Choose your accommodation wisely- London is an expensive city although there are plenty of pocket-friendly options if you look in the right places. A sensible move would be to choose serviced apartments in London that come with furnishings, fixtures, appliances, security features, and more. These apartments have varying configurations to suit small and large travel groups along with solo travelers, couples and families. At the same time, they are usually located near major landmarks and public transportation points. They offer more space and privacy in comparison to regular hotels. For budget-conscious travelers, exploring the vibrant city becomes even more accessible with some of the best hostels in London providing affordable and comfortable accommodations.
  • Get hold of an Oyster card- An Oyster card will help you save money while traveling throughout London. You can buy your card from the nearest station or airport. It can be topped up as per your requirements. The card helps you access The Tube (the subway network in London) without having to line up in queues.
  • Hop on-hop off buses- These buses offer pocket-friendly transportation options for tourists. There are many buses linking major landmarks in the city. They also come with audio guides for the best experiences.
  • Cross the streets carefully in London- Streets and sidewalks in London are mostly listed as Look Left or Look Right for helping you note where vehicles come from. You should follow the traffic rules and cross the streets with care. This will also help you avoid fines. Cars drive on the left side of the road in the country and there are pedestrian walkways on busy thoroughfares too.
  • Tipping is not compulsory in London- While it is considered an integral part of the restaurant culture in the U.S., tipping is not required in London. Service charges are mostly included in restaurant bills in the city. Hence, you do not have to rue about not paying for good service. Of course, if you want to show your appreciation for the same, you can choose to tip a few pounds.
  • Book tickets to London attractions beforehand- You should book tickets to all leading attractions in London well in advance. While weekdays help you bypass large crowds, a few landmarks may be crowded throughout the entire week. You should get a skip the line pass or book tickets beforehand to avoid standing in queues for several hours. There are several options available for discounted tickets too. While booking serviced apartments in London, look for options near major city landmarks. This will save you time while traveling to these spots.
  • London offers numerous free attractions- London is home to several art galleries, architectural marvels and museums that can be visited free of cost. You should do your homework on these places and make a list of them to save some money on your trip. You can also take walks along the bustling street markets which do not have entry charges. This will give you a quintessential London experience.
  • Walking may be a better option than the Tube- London is well-connected through its Tube. While it may be a pocket-friendly and fast way to access multiple places, some areas are best-reached on foot. For example, Covent Garden and Leicester Square are walkable in just 2-3 minutes on average.

Keep these London travel tips in mind while planning your trip. Also make sure that you visit retail hubs like Oxford Street on weekdays to avoid crowds. London also follows military time instead of the 12-hour clock. You should get used to this system and scrutinize your bus and train tickets accordingly.

While the city is a hub for some of the world’s most popular restaurants, you should also stop at local eateries for fish and chips and other delicacies. This will give you an authentic feel of Britain and top dishes of the region. You can also save money on eating out, by sticking majorly to local eateries and roadside fare. If you are looking for quality accommodation options, book serviced apartments in London from You can be assured of finding spacious, luxurious and comfortable apartments that make your stay memorable in London. From the finest amenities to round-the-clock service and support, these apartments will contribute to a fabulous stay in the city.