London's Historic Hotel Cafe Royal Unveils Colorful New Treat

London's Historic Hotel Cafe Royal Unveils Colorful New Treat
The vibrant living room of London and located on the legendary regent street, Hotel Café Royal has effortlessly merged the old with the new through their latest creation, ‘Rainbow Croissants’.

The croissants, which are delicately crafted to perfection in an intricate two-day process and filled with homemade Ammade cherry jam, are guaranteed to delight even the most sophisticated of pallets. Before placed in the oven, the croissants undergo a pastry lamentation and chilling process. Once this step is complete, vibrant colors are added to the dough. Merging together, the colors create an exquisite rainbow that can be seen not only on the outermost flaky layer of the croissant, but also within the soft interior of the delicious pasty.

As a result of the time and care that goes into creating each croissant, a limited quantity of the colorful treats is available each day.

Home to London’s first dessert restaurant, it is not surprising that this playful pastry design originated within the kitchen of Hotel Café Royal. The magnetic appeal of the hotel and its popularity with travelers and Londoner’s alike dates back to its legendary roots, and its glamorous past includes everything from the sexy charm of Brigitte Bardot, the romantic date of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and unforgettable visits of music and sports icons including Louis Armstrong and Muhammad Ali. Its’ fascinating history also includes David Bowie famously retiring his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, with a start studded soiree dubbed ‘The Last Supper,’ drawing some of the biggest rock stars of the time. Hotel Café Royal’s glamour continues today, welcoming guests from near and far to enjoy its charm, and now colorful baked creations!

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