Looking for the Right Pre-Workout Drink? Vitamin Shoppe Has You Covered with ZRO

Looking for the Right Pre-Workout Drink? Vitamin Shoppe Has You Covered with ZRO

In light of the lingering pandemic, staying in shape has never been more difficult as most gyms and sports clubs remain closed. Thanks, 2020. With quarantine and social distancing mandates in place, many have been forced to get creative when it comes to fulfilling a workout. And with good health being the most valuable asset of the year, these days, every little bit helps to feel 100%. To help with home workouts and to give you that extra boost to keep yourself going, IGNITE recently launched a game changer of a performance drink.

While they’re more widely known for their premiere quality CBD products, Ignite launches their newly developed beverage, ZRO, a performance drink that defies odds with all natural ingredients. As a great pre-workout drink, ZRO brings something new to the table by challenging the standards of an archetypical “energy drink” instead with a performance drink that is made with nootropic energy and all natural caffeine, guaranteeing a boost in energy without the crash.

And as if working out wasn’t already hard enough, this year it’s been increasingly more challenging than ever so if you’re looking for a jumpstart to your workout, ZRO is just the thing. Not only does the performance drink give you a burst of natural energy to help enhance your workout, but it additionally contributes to your cognitive functions with natural ingredients like tyrosine and alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline— both known to improve brain functions like memory, concentration and recall.

Like its name, ZRO pushes the envelope with great flavors that all contain zero sugar, calories, net carbs or artificial colors. Packed with all natural ingredients and natural stimulants, ZRO is the perfect pre-workout drink to help prepare your body for rigorous activity. And once your workout begins, the benefits of ZRO kick in as it serves to increase your exercise performance and increase blood flow in your muscles during high intensity workouts.

Though the market is saturated with endless choices for performance drink, Ignite finally offers one that you can trust with natural and proven ingredients that delivers the desired effect.

ZRO is currently available for purchase at The Vitamin Shoppe and online at their website.

Article by Magdalena Munao