Luxurious Seclusion in Finland: Winter and Beyond

Luxurious Seclusion in Finland: Winter and Beyond

While many prefer to lounge away on sun-drenched beaches, there are those who choose colder jaunts that offer mulled-brews and a brisk-chill in the air. While jet-setting to Europe may not be in the cards for US travelers just yet, if you're looking for inspiration when planning your next trip—Finland is the perfect destination!

Seclusion is a top trend these days and in Finland, you don’t have to give up luxurious indulgences when in solitude—and it’s all done with sustainability at the core, which is the Finnish way! With the help of some of the country’s lavish accommodations, taking in the Midnight Sun or the awe-inspiring Northern Lights are that much better in the lap of luxury. Don’t forget the sauna: outdoor, smoke or ultra-luxurious these pads are equipped to warm you up and cool you down!

Here are eight of Finland’s unique and lavish accommodations, offering year-round stays—just in-case there are sun worshippers that are intrigued and interested in exploring the Midnight Sun or Northern Lights. In anticipation of when we are next able to jet off to our favorite spots, these locales will keep the wanderlust going.

1. Octola Villa
Set within 300 hectares of Finnish Lapland is Octola, a secluded luxury wilderness retreat where guests will enjoy an authentic Finnish Lapland experience. This winter the property will launch the ultimate suite for a private and secluded winter break, the Octola Villa. The villa is equipped with a private sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi, a master suite and a second en-suite room which can also be transformed into a private wellness, training or yoga space. Complete with floor to ceiling glass walls that face out to the endless wilderness and two large open terraces, the villa is the perfect place to spot the Northern Lights.

2. Arctic Tree House
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is located in the heart of Finnish Lapland, providing a unique blend of luxury comfort in the heart of Arctic nature. With innovative architecture and meticulous details, the hotel provides guests with the unforgettable experience of staying overnight in the heart of the forest.

3. Northern Lights Ranch
Northern Lights Ranch is a unique restaurant, accommodation and activity facility located in Finnish Lapland, 15 km from Levi Ski Resort and 30 km from Kittilä airport. It combines tranquility, pure air and beautiful nature into an Arctic experience which is rare to come by.
Because of its remote location away from artificial light, it offers the best chance to experience the amazing Northern Lights, which are often visible from September until April.

4. Aurora Village
Stay in one of the 25 Aurora cabins for a spectacular view of the northern sky from the comfort of your bed, the perfect way to relax and enjoy the “show” as the night sky lights up, after dining on savory local delicacies. Whether trekking through the snow, going for a reindeer sleigh ride or god-sledding with the huskies, the experience is transformative in this winter wonderland.

5. Kalles Inn
Right on the edge of the UNESCO world heritage area, Kvarken, in the land of the rising rocks, lays Kalle's Inn. Enjoy the sea, the sky and the rocky islands comfortably from your bed. The heated glass guarantees a clear view of the sky in the winter. The completely soundproof buildings are equipped with a small hatch that you can open up if you prefer to get even closer to nature, listening to the birds singing or the waves hitting the shore outside, smell the flowers and the sea. In winter season you will have a good chance to spot the northern lights from your bed and in the summer check out the mid-night sun.

6. Apukka Resort
Placed on the last frontier, where the city of Rovaniemi ends and the outback begins, the warm glow from the fireplace of Apukka Resort welcomes guests for an adventure. In the embrace of two remote lakes at the edge of unspoiled wilderness, Apukka Resort offers unique accommodation options. At the Aitta restaurant, diners can likely hear the 100-year-old timber log walls whispering the stories from life in the old days.

7. Levi Igloos
Levi igloos are the best choice for active Lapland ski and snow holidays. Igloos are located next to Levi winter resort - number 1 in Finland. The largest number and variety of Lapland activities available at Levi: Snow village, husky and reindeer safaris, ice karting, snowmobiles, extreme ice driving, evening horse riding, scenic Santa's cabin top of the fell, Aurora night guided tours.

8. Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos

Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos have 10 fully movable glass igloos located in the small town of Ranua in Lapland. These type of igloos are a totally new kind of accommodation options that are well suitable for year-round glass igloo stays. This makes them totally different compared to regular glass igloos that were planned mainly for winter season and northern lights hunting. The igloos are also fully movable throughout the year: in winter they can be pulled on ice and snow with snowmobiles or ATVs and in summer they actually float on top of water and move around the lake with their own electric engines. Thanks to this, especially many Finnish travelers are finding the igloos more interesting option for summer.