Luxury Accessories to Gift the Woman in Your Life

Luxury Accessories to Gift the Woman in Your Life

The right intention is there.  You just want her to light up when she opens your gift, give a squeal of delight, repress a tear; but when you see that great wave of disappointment dissolve her smile like a seaside sandcastle and all she can say is a barely audible ‘That’s lovely’, you know you’ve failed.  The financial outlay of buying a luxury gift for your girlfriend is nothing compared to the emotional capital you have invested in that small, expensive object.  Perhaps nothing is certain in this life, but gift her one of these beauties and you’ve got a good chance of getting the reaction you desire.

Pandora Charm Bracelet

Given the fervor with which women queue for the latest edition charm, one could be forgiven for thinking that some kind of spell has been cast upon womankind by the Danish manufacturers of this contemporary jewelry line.  If she hasn’t got one and you’ve never heard her say ‘Don’t ever buy me a Pandora bracelet’, this gift gives you the opportunity to demonstrate just what a thoughtful and romantic guy you can be.  Best set aside some time though, because you’ve a little decision making in front of you.  There are over a hundred different bracelet styles to choose from, in sterling silver, gold or leather and then there are the charms.  The idea is that carefully chosen charms signify key moments and memories, creating a unique and personal narrative.  There are over eight hundred charms currently available, so choose carefully.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

So, she’s got a pair of sunglasses already.  It doesn’t matter, you can’t have too many pairs of sunglasses.  Ray Ban are the most famous sunglasses on the planet and if you know her well enough to choose the right pair, she will love them.  Once again, this is a gift which requires time and thought on your part but then that’s what you want because it’s a demonstration of how much you love her, rather than just a cash transaction.  To begin with there’s the style.  There are about fifty basic sunglass styles, but variations within those styles run into hundreds.  Choose a style which is going to suit her face shape and her hair style and, most importantly, her personality.  Choose the right size so that they will fit her properly, this is probably best done by measuring a pair of existing glasses rather than trying to clamber over her with a tape measure while she’s asleep. Then you need to consider lens coating, lens colour and frame color.  Ray Bans are fully customizable, you can even have a romantic message engraved on the temples.

Gucci Belt

According to the Lyst index this was the most popular fashion item of last year and judging by the number of celebrities who sport that unmistakable double G around their waist, it shows no sign of fading in popularity anytime soon.   Don’t imagine that you might find one discounted, you won’t.  You’ll need to decide whether it’s to be a slim accent belt to go over a dress or a wide, statement belt.  Either way be sure and get the size right, there’s only one loop on these belts, so too long is as bad as too short.