Luxury Casino Resorts & Hotels in New Zealand

Luxury Casino Resorts & Hotels in New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular gambling destination: the local laws allow the country’s residents and visitors to enjoy majestic casino halls and lots of gaming websites. Kiwis are passionate fans of this pastime; it can even be considered national leisure for over 80% of the entire population.

Can you imagine that four-fifths of people in the country gamble regularly? Unsurprisingly, New Zealand boasts numerous land-based casinos offering exceptional service and top games. However, don’t hurry up to conclude that this entertainment is expensive; the luxury ambience and fantastic experiences are accessible even after a couple of dollars deposit.

Top New Zealand Casino Resorts and Lavish Hotels

New Zealand is an absolute heaven for gambling lovers; the first land-based casino in the country was established in 1994. Since then, the gaming sphere has rapidly developed in the last few decades. The appearance and quick evolution of NZ casinos described by Amanda Wilson and other popular gambling sites changed the game rules, providing online players with higher accessibility and more freedom.

However, there’s one nuance concerning online casinos in the country. The Department of Internal Affairs is the main body regulating gambling activities, and it completely prohibits in-country virtual gaming platforms. However, there are no restrictions concerning overseas operators, so virtual gambling is well-developed in the country.

On the other hand, land-based gaming establishments are still on the rise. Don’t miss the chance to explore them when traveling to New Zealand – look at the best destinations to have fun.

The Grand by SkyCity Casino Hotel & Resort

This gambling establishment in Auckland has won players’ hearts since 1996. This amazing casino resort offers all kinds of entertainment so that no one will be bored. Top poker games, jackpot tables, baccarat, and gaming machines will impress even the pickiest users. The Grand by Sky City is rightfully considered the most popular NZ land-based casino, providing everything a modern gambler needs.

The resort also offers 5-star accommodation, so players don’t have to go far away from their gaming place to relax and enjoy a perfect rest in the heart of a bustling metropolis. A great SPA during the daytime and a fantastic gambling evening – what can be better for a passionate risk hunter?

Dunedin Casino

This brand is well-known far away from New Zealand: established in 1999 in Dunedin city, the casino immediately attracted public attention. This grand gaming hall is among the country's most reliable and responsible gambling operators, so visiting it is a must when traveling to New Zealand.

Over 180 gaming machines, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. Sounds quite typical, right? However, the fantastic ambience of this old-fashioned casino will make your pastime unforgettable!

Christchurch Casino

Christchurch is the oldest gaming hall that opened its doors in 1996. It’s among the Kiwis’ favorite casinos, providing every visitor with the best conditions and top experience. Over 30 table games and 450+ gaming machines will provide players with tons of fun and unforgettable emotions.

Multiple restaurants and bars in Christchurch will make guests’ experiences even better: would you refuse a tasty meal or a signature cocktail developed by the local bartender? The casino offers a VIP gaming lounge – private games, the possibility to participate in exclusive tournaments, and exceptional service are the real descriptions of luxury!

However, keep in mind that it’s only possible to enter it after an invitation. Overall, Christchurch is accessible to everyone, as the minimum deposit to enter the game is only $10.

SkyCity Hamilton Casino

Sky City is among the leading gambling brands in the country – and it boasts another fantastic gaming establishment in Hamilton. The casino will satisfy all players’ needs, providing hundreds of slots and dozens of table games. Are you ready to explore luxury gambling in the best New Zealand gaming establishments?

Besides ordinary games, Sky City offers exclusive VIP rooms and fantastic rewards for regular players. A high-class loyalty program implies additional rewards to players. It’s impossible to pass by these generous perks, so you’ll definitely fall in love with this NZ gambling destination!

Travel Tips For Visitors

New Zealand is a tourist hotspot, as this fantastic country offers everything you need for a perfect holiday. The region’s unique nature is the primary attraction for visitors: fantastic national parks, waterfalls, mountains, and other wonders await tourists desiring to escape from bustling cities. It is also a chance to immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Maori people, guardians of this land for centuries.

On the other hand, New Zealand is the best destination to explore luxury entertainment options. The country is a perfect destination for travelers: no one would refuse a thrilling trip, right? Grab some tips on organizing your unforgettable New Zealand holidays:

  • Search for special offers and discounts
  • Explore additional perks offered by hotels, casinos, etc.
  • Plan what you’d like to visit in advance
  • Travel during the low season to save some cash

Planning a trip is always thrilling, but you need to understand the basics of travel planning and be rational when visiting New Zealand. The country reveals its secrets every time you visit it, and it’s barely impossible to see everything during one trip.

Although, the best NZ casinos are the must-visit destinations. You’ll have tons of fun even if you are not a passionate gambling fan, as the luxury atmosphere and exceptional service allow you to feel like a royal.

Final Insight

New Zealand offers a lot of excitement and hidden treasures, so it’s impossible to be indifferent to this country, as it is one of the top-rated countries to visit making it impossible to remain indifferent to this country. Local laws put it among the most desired destinations for risk hunters; majestic land-based casinos are always ready to open their doors and provide VIP service to each visitor.

New Zealand boasts a limited number of gaming halls, but they are all worth players’ attention. Pick a perfect destination and prepare to have tons of fun!