Luxury Design Trends for Your Vacation Home

Luxury Design Trends for Your Vacation Home

Decorating a holiday home is all about knowing how to strike a balance. You’ll want the space to feel cozy and make sure it’s convenient, but it still needs to be somewhere that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Tastefully designed holiday homes also pay homage to the natural area that surrounds them. But with at least one in ten addresses used as holiday homes in some areas of England and Wales, it’s important to make yours stand out. Here’s how.

Our tips for stylish and sturdy holiday homes

  • Make it seasonal but functional

Part of making your holiday home unique is respecting the natural environment around it. For coastal homes, pale tones, and nautical stripes could make a warm, welcoming addition to your interior.

Try to buy natural materials – like wood, pieces of jute, and fabrics – from local sources wherever possible. And practical blinds, mats, and outside washing facilities could be invaluable too. With tourism regulations changing, it’s important to make your home as practical as possible.

  • Design with sturdiness in mind

In any hotel or holiday apartment booked through an agency, housekeeping, and cleaning are almost guaranteed. However, when you’re the owner of your holiday home, the maintenance and cleaning responsibilities will fall into your hands.

When you’re laying the floors, adding furniture, and choosing ornaments, try to buy low-maintenance materials. Aim for features and surfaces that resist damage well and would make a robust choice for an accident-prone environment.

If children or pets (or both!) are going to be using your holiday home, you’ll need to think even more carefully about your choices. Keep sharp angles to a minimum, and make sure steps are shallow, not steep.

  • Invest in quality fittings

Even though you won’t be spending much of the year in your holiday home, you should make sure that it’s built to last. By choosing quality pieces that you won’t need to replace after only a couple of years, you’ll be doing your part to make your holiday home more sustainable too.

Quality fittings – especially in the kitchen – will be an invaluable investment. And try to choose appliances with strong eco-credentials, including high-efficiency ratings.

  • Don’t neglect the outdoor space

Outdoor plants, decking, and stylish furniture could contribute to a beautiful environment for your holiday home. Dainty lantern lights create an enchanting, cozy holiday feel without crowding the space. If you’re using stylish outdoor lighting, it’s helpful to know how to install it correctly.

Learning a few tips and tricks in advance could save you heaps of time later and ensure that your holiday home is ready to enjoy as soon as you arrive for your next visit. Decorative lighting experts at Lights4fun explain the magic of solar-powered outdoor lights and how to use them:

“As soon as the sun sets, watch as your lights automatically illuminate, radiating a cozy glow to bring your space to life. With options of solar stake lights, festoon lights, candle lanterns, and more, you can add lights to different height levels of your space and create a magical and enchanting garden all season long.”

  • Add a few home comforts

Lastly, it’s still important for your holiday home to be somewhere that makes you feel cosy. And if it’s somewhere in the UK, you never know what type of weather you might need to expect while you’re away.

You should make sure that there’s always something ‘comfy’ to turn to in your holiday home.

Whether that’s a selection of your favorite board games or puzzles to keep the family occupied, a collection of your favorite books, or even a multiplayer games console, there are so many ways to add character and familiarity to your holiday home.