Luxury Travel and How To Carry Your Items In Style

Luxury Travel and How To Carry Your Items In Style

Luxury travel entails going to authentic destinations and trying exceptional experiences, like building relationships, adventure trips, and shopping. Whether you're going abroad, cruise, or any upscale trip, maintaining high fashion or style is important in luxury travel.

Differentiating a casual trip and luxury travel also rely on how you carry your items, like your luggage, in style. So, check out these tips to help you travel and live up according to your luxury lifestyle.

Choose a Quality Luggage Brand

Remember, luxury comes with the finest quality items you can carry, and most often than not, they have expensive prices. However, luxury travel is priceless, most especially if the memories you'll build are unforgettable and meaningful.

That's why investing in a quality luggage brand should not be overemphasized if you want to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. You want a travel suitcase that’ll never fail you when it comes to luxury packing.

Here are some tips on how to choose a quality travel luggage:

  • Choose the Right Luggage Size: Checking the airline's luggage allowance or luggage size and weight requirements are important before buying a suitcase. Doing so will help you avoid any trouble at the airport.
  • Wheels: You can choose from two or four-wheeled suitcases or luggage. Four-wheeled suitcases can stand upright, which brings more professionalism and elegant look.
  • Expandable Feature: If you love shopping for souvenirs, then is a great feature to consider.
  • Telescoping Handles: Choose one that’s retractable and easy to handle.

Create a Things-to-Bring List

For a week-long trip, you need to ensure that you have all the things you'll need in your luggage. For example, you'll need an outwear that you can carry onto the plane to keep you warm on cool days or evenings. Capes are lovely, and you can wear it as a cold-weather coat.

Here are the other important items you need to bring with you in luxury travel:

  • Footwear: You'll need to take at least three pairs of shoes, including a pair of boots, like Aquatalia or Anne Klein ankle boots, a pair of casual shoes, and another pair for the beach or pool.
  • Bottoms: You need at least a pair of jeans for casual wear but choose one that’s dressy enough for a night, like yoga pants, such as Lululemon, or a skirt.
  • Tops: Carry one shirt-style blouse, three t-shirts, a dressy top, and one sweater. For instance, a silk blouse (dark color) makes a great staple that you can wear alone or under a sweater.
  • Accessories: Ladies remain luxurious even when they’re traveling by bringing a long pendant necklace. It's beautiful when worn over the cape, a sweater, or blouse. Don't forget to bring a watch and stud earrings.
  • Technology Essentials: This includes your gadgets, SD card connector, USB charger, and camera.
  • Toiletries, Cosmetic, Beauty, and Feminine Essentials: Don't forget to bring feminine napkins, wipes, and tissue paper.
  • Important Documents: Always make sure to carry all paperwork, like flight, hotel and limo find confirmations, passport, travel insurance information, etc.

Bring Only Your Essentials

Traveling for a few days requires fewer items to bring than traveling for a week. That’s why you have to only pack the essentials to avoid carrying more than one suitcase or luggage for a two- to three-day vacation, which can be heavy and bulky. In that way, you’re able to carry your items with style and comfort.

For instance, bring a pair of smart casual shoes for a formal gathering, a pair of lightweight sandals or slippers if you’re heading to the beach, a neutral color dress, a pair of jeans, a summer skirt, shorts, a few tops and shirts, and sleepwear.

When it comes to luxury travel, you should carry your luggage and other carry-on items in style. That's why proper planning is essential so you can pack your things efficiently. Creating a things-to-bring list is also crucial, so you won't be rushing to buy stuff online or in physical stores in your travel destination.

Pack Your Clothes Efficiently

For sure, you want to bring the best clothes in your luxury travel, which are Instagram-worthy. Many people are used to folding or rolling clothes in a suitcase. Other, too, pack in cubes. However, what's the best packing method for your luxury clothes?

Here are the details of different packing methods for your clothes:

  • Folding: Most people fold clothes when packing in a suitcase or luggage. It's a fast and easy way to pack clothes, which require a little more effort by simply grabbing a shirt and pants and putting it in a suitcase. Folding is best for packing structured clothes, like jeans, button-down shirts, and dress pants. However, it can create creases in shirts and thin, soft clothes. It’ll also take up more room in your luggage.
  • Rolling: It’s a versatile and compact way to pack clothes in your luggage. While it can take extra time, rolling your clothes will reduce creases or wrinkles. Also, rolling your clothes will allow you to fit more clothes in your luggage. However, rolling is not good for sweaters and other bulky clothes.