Luxury Travel Destinations You Must Make Time to Visit in 2024 

Luxury Travel Destinations You Must Make Time to Visit in 2024 

In the simplest terms, luxury travel includes any trip that includes higher costs than what you’d usually expect in order to provide a unique experience that’s entirely unforgettable. Luxury trips are for those who aren’t afraid to spend more money than usual and who don’t feel conditioned by their earnings. If you know that you can go on such a vacation comfortably, you must do, as it will allow you to feel like you’re really on a break. There are also resources such as Wander that can help you find the destination best suited for you.

If you don’t yet know where you should go, here are some of the destinations you can try visiting in 2024.

Lake Como

The Lago di Como is one of the most irresistible destinations in the entire world due to its stunning natural scenery. Located in Lombardy, it is surrounded by the Bergamo Alps, making it a picturesque spot to visit regardless of season. Apart from the landscape and the ability to spot local wildlife, Lake Como is also famous as a venue for spas, and is also ideal for those that enjoy kitesurfing or sailing. However, you must be mindful of the local regulations, which typically prohibit swimming in the city and villages.

Instead, you must find the public beaches that explicitly say swimming and other activities are allowed. There are many stunning villas close to the lake, and many famous individuals either have or had homes on the shores including Gianni Versace, Madonna, George Clooney and Matthew Bellamy. The Villa Melzi d’Eril hosted Franz Liszt and Stendhal during the 19th century. Villa del Balbianello features elaborate terrace gardens, while Villa Carlotta, completed in the 1740s, has an unknown architect and features numerous artworks. For a luxurious stay, try the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, located right on the shores.

If you’re interested in local produce, you can visit one of the many farms near the lake that produce goods, including eggs, milk, olive oil, salami, fruits, fish and honey.


Arguably the most well-known luxury destination in the world, Dubai is well-known for its impressive architecture, luxury shopping and fancy hotels. Millions of tourists come to Dubai every year, lured in by its glitz and glamour. Make sure to travel in style by choosing Skyclub for first-class flights from London. For a comfortable, luxurious stay throughout your journey. You can pick the Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah, as it offers pools, private parking for vehicles that is entirely free of charge and a fitness centre.

Vida Dubai Marina & Yacht Club can offer you a room with a perfect sea view. It is close to Marina Beach and the airport as well. Visit the Aura Skypool located at 200 metres above street level, at the top of the palm Tower. If you love diving, you can try the world’s deepest pool here, which features a design reminiscent of a sunken city, just the thing for better exploring. The Hatta Dome Park is for lovers of the great outdoors but who would also like to try glamping and all its comforts. If you’d rather have a more relaxed nature getaway, you can fly in a hot air balloon and get a panoramic view of the desert.


Known for its ancient history, stellar cuisine and quality craftsmanship, Japan can offer any traveller a relaxing experience. Choose a ryokan during your stay. This traditional inn features tatami rooms and communal bathing and includes traditional meals. To make the experience complete, you’ll wear a yukata and nemaki. They are considerably more expensive than usual hostels and hotels, but the experience they provide is second to none. They’re typically more straightforward to find in areas away from the big cities.

Ochiairo, located in the mountains of Izu in Shizuoka, is a special retreat with a long history. Founded in the 1870s, during the Meiji era, it was named after the two rivers in the region that converge right at the resort’s location. In Japanese, “ochiau” means “to meet” or “to get together”. The primary wing was built from rare wood, including ebony and persimmon. Hotel Gajoen in Tokyo is a legitimate tourist destination for those who love the arts.

And for those who love Studio Ghibli and are familiar with its classic “Spirited Away”, the Kanaguya in Nagano features similar interiors. You can book a private bath here, with natural hot spring waters. And, of course, when you’re in Japan, you must sample the local cuisine. In 2013, the country’s food was added to the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List, and you can find the highest number of 3-starred restaurants on the globe here.

The Kitcho Arashiyama Honten in Kyoto offers the chef’s omakase, the finest menu that is also entirely personalised. A children’s menu is also available and includes soups, pickles, grilled fish and several appetisers, but children under six aren’t allowed. The Kikunoi Honten is also in Kyoto, offers customised services, and is considered by many to be the epitome of kaiseki.


Although not as popular as the other destinations on this list, Bhutan still has a lot to offer for travellers willing to give it a try. If you enjoy lofty mountains, this is the best place to be, as you’ll be surrounded by peaks at all times. The country is concerned about the adverse environmental effects of mass tourism and has banned mountain climbing to protect the scenery. Responsible tourism is encouraged, so make sure you respect your surroundings.

The focus on sustainability makes Bhutan a pricy destination, and the price will become steeper if you choose a luxury lodge for your accommodation, such as the Amankora. In Sanskrit, “Aman” means “peace”, while “Kora” stands for “circular pilgrimage” in Dzongkha. You can choose from one of the several itineraries available or customise your tour to fit your schedule and available time. You can try archery here, lounge by the fireplace with a book from the library, then visit the restaurant and finish your day with a relaxing evening at the spa.

Luxury travelling is ideal for those who want to enjoy an entirely new and spectacular experience. If you want to make sure you remember a trip for the rest of your life, there’s nothing quite like it.