Luxury Travel Essentials: Casual Outfits You Should Pack

Luxury Travel Essentials: Casual Outfits You Should Pack

Packing for a luxury holiday requires extra effort, because when it comes to your destination, you'll want to look as good as the place that you're headed to. The good news is that although packing for a luxurious destination may require a little bit more thought and effort, it's doable with some basic tricks that you can master to be able to accomplish that task.

When packing for a luxury holiday, you've got to think as the expert globe-trotters do. Those who go on luxury holidays have roamed the world, and have mastered the art of packing. So, here are some of those expert tips for casual items that you should pack when going on a luxury holiday:

1. Go For Wrinkle-Free Fabrics

When you are staying at a luxury resort or hotel, you're most likely going to have laundry and steaming services. There will also surely be an iron in your hotel room. But, you're there to relax. After spending so much money on that holiday, the last thing that you'd want is to get back to doing chores again. You'll want to make the most out of every relaxing moment that you can have.

Save yourself the hassle of having to steam your clothes all over again by packing wrinkle-free fabrics. Generally, these are those that are light, loose and breathable, and make it more comfortable for you to get through the day.

Here are some tips for additional guidance along these lines:

● Stay away from linen, as it can get crumpled easily
● Knit fabrics are an excellent choice for traveling, plus they can also be rolled up when traveling
● Synthetic fibers are a good choice, as they also keep away moisture
● Bring along simple t-shirts that are easy to mix-and-match, such as an aviation t shirt

2. Pack Dresses

Rather than wearing shorts and pants all the time, some days you may want to be a little bit dressier, even on casual occasions. Wearing a dress is a simple way that does the trick and ensures that you look good all the time. It also makes you appear more elegant and polished. Plus, dresses are very versatile, as it's easy to take them from day to night.

Especially when you know that you'll be dining at a posh restaurant in the resort or hotel, you'll need that dress to look good.

3. Bring Accessories With You

Since you'll be in a luxurious getaway, you'll also want to add an extra oomph to your normally plain and simple outfits. Here, you'll want to focus on packing plain colors, so that it will be easier for you to play around with accessories. Especially when you're going on quite a long trip, it's through switching up your accessories that you can effortlessly make those casual outfits look less boring.

Plus, accessories are a good way for anyone to always look fashion-forward, so check out these tips:

● Bring sunglasses with you, as this is a great way to look stylish even when you may have tired eyes. In doing so, you can also limit putting on too much eye makeup, which can be overwhelming when on holiday. You wouldn't want to rub shoulders with other beautiful guests in the luxurious resort's lobby looking like a mess, simply because your eye makeup has melted in the heat.

● If you're going to a tropical location, a lovely sun hat will also do. Not only does this make your outfit look extra cool, but it also gives you protection from the harsh rays of the sun when going through a full day of tours.

● Bring jewelry pieces. If you're confident enough to bring real jewelry pieces, particularly for dinners, then so be it. But, if you want to protect yourself from possible theft while on vacation, fashion jewelry will do. Just make sure your choices don't look cheap, and that they match well with your clothing options. Have a look at this earrings guide from ARY D'PO.

● A scarf is also a very versatile accessory. If you have a luxury or silk scarf with you, bring it along. You can tie this around your neck for that added oomph. When the night gets chilly, this can also help keep you warm. If you're going on a luxurious cold holiday, a cashmere scarf will always work out to be perfect.

4. Have A Jacket With You

Two of the favorite go-to types of jackets that are tried and tested by luxurious jet-setters are a classic leather jacket and a denim one. The leather jacket works perfectly for cold destinations and a denim one for warmer locales. But the jacket functions not just to keep you warm, it's also beneficial for giving you that cover-up in case your clothes get too wrinkly, or if you've had a bad spill. Any of these will make you look distasteful when you're in the midst of other luxurious travelers.

5. Always Have Shoes

Whenever possible, it's best to wear shoes. Only when you're on the beach should you indulge in your favorite pair of the most comfortable flip-flops that you can find. Never wear flip-flops anywhere else. When you do so, you're bringing dirty feet with you not just in the hotel lobby (which will always be immaculately clean), but also to your room. Don't ruin that five-star feel with dirty feet.

Traveling can be tough on your feet. Long days of walking can leave you with sore muscles and blisters. That's why a good pair of shoes is essential for any traveler. Sneakers that have long been a popular choice for travelers are the Nike Dunks, and it's easy to see why. They're comfortable, stylish, and versatile, making them ideal for exploring new cities or hitting the gym after a long day of sightseeing. Whether you're looking for a casual sneaker to pair with jeans or shorts, or a more sporty option for hitting the trails, these sneakers are sure to meet your needs.

If you're headed on a luxury vacation, keep these tips in mind. No matter where you are going, once you master these, you would have mastered the art of luxurious but straightforward packing. The last thing that you'll want is to look overly colorful or messy in elegant and beautiful settings, while everyone else around you looks smart and polished. Learn from the experts, and take these tips to heart. Soon enough, you'll be able to look every bit like the jet setter you've always wanted to be.