Luxury Travel Tips For Your Next Visit To Europe

Luxury Travel Tips For Your Next Visit To Europe

Europe has a lot to offer filled with an array of cultures, languages, heritage sites, customs, traditions, and architecture. It features outstanding relaxation holiday hotspots. Thus, Europe would be an excellent choice if you’re planning to go on a luxury trip.

Off to Europe in Luxury

Millions of people go on a spectacular vacation at least once a year. And, what better way to see the world in style than by booking a luxurious European visit? Here are luxury travel tips worth considering:

Fly First Class or Business Class

Choose to fly in luxury with one of the top airlines bound to the European continent. If you want to arrive in Europe well rested, booking first class is a smart move. In addition, flying first class guarantees superb service, tasty meals, excellent wine, expedited boarding, a few hours of shut-eye, and an impressive airport lounge.

See More on a World-Class Cruise

For travelers with the luxury of time, take a world-class cruise for taste of several European destinations in one trip. Sail down Europe’s most magnificent rivers such as the Rhine and the Danube and watch the culture and landscape shift around you as you move between countries. Travelers from the UK are spoiled for choice with cruises from Southampton which cover each corner of the continent.

Hire a Chauffeur

Hiring a chauffeur would mean that your only responsibility during your trip is just to sit back and relax while you go on a luxurious European road trip. What’s more luxurious than this? In addition, booking a chauffeur is less hassle, and your private driver is dedicated to catering to your travel needs, so there will be no vacation hours wasted.

Stay in a Five-Star Hotel

A five-star hotel has the amenities and services you need to have a luxury vacation. It has luxurious spas, refined bars, fine dining restaurants, and multiple exclusive leisure facilities. In addition, the staff are well-trained and committed to giving you the best experience you could ever have while staying in the establishment.

Book a Private Tour Guide

The best way to explore European travel destinations in luxury is to have a personal tour. An experienced tour guide can be found through tourist services online or through a reputable travel establishment. Furthermore, these tour guides are equipped with knowledge and access to beautiful attractions that you might not be able to get if you do it yourself.

Experience a Michelin Star Restaurant

To complete your European luxury experience, it’s recommended to dine at a Michelin Star restaurant. However, you don’t need to look hard enough since Europe has a wide array of Michelin Star restaurants. You can find many options in London, Northern Spain, France, and Italy.

7 Luxury Travel Destinations

To travel in luxury, it’s best to visit the most exclusive travel destinations in Europe. Below are the top 7 luxurious travel destinations you should consider putting on your luxury bucket list:

Nice, France

This coastal city is where you should travel and enjoy luxury. It offers captivating coastlines, great weather, and the most amazing views. No wonder it attracts so many guests from all over the world.

Marbella, Málaga

Marbella is a small city located in the Spanish province of Málaga. It’s famous for its exclusive world-class golf courses, designer boutiques, and the lavish Puerto Banús district. Furthermore, this beautiful city is packed with trendy restaurants and clubs.

Positano, Italy

Now we go to the Amalfi Coast, one of the most enchanting places in the Italian peninsula. Positano is full of charm, history, and luxury. It has marvelous architecture built in the middle of the mountains. Furthermore, according to legends, this scenic destination was built by Neptune, the god of the sea, to win over the love of a water nymph named Amphitrite.

Madeira, Portugal

This luxurious travel destination is one of Europe’s most welcoming islands. Its locals are always ready to warmly welcome guests from all over the world. In addition, the place is also filled with luxury hotels with a stunning view of nature.

Capri, Italia

If you want to go to the most luxurious island in the Mediterranean, then Capri is the right place for you. This island is known for its incredible natural beauty, as shown in the marvelous Faraglioni. Furthermore, it’s also a popular travel destination for the rich and famous Italian and European individuals.

Gstaad, Switzerland

If you want to go on a ski trip, Gstaad, Switzerland, offers multiple luxury hotels. These hotels are situated in a beautiful area that overlooks the great mountains and slopes. In addition, it’s best to visit during winter, specifically between October and May. Royal and famous celebrities treat this stunning town as their favorite holiday destination.

St. Tropez, France (pictured above)

This charming town known for its beaches and nightlife offers exclusivity and pleasant weather, which makes it the perfect destination for those who want to escape the cold. As a coastal town on the French Riviera, it has long been popular with artists and has attracted the international "jet set" since the 1960s. The cobblestoned La Ponche quarter recalls its past as a fishing village, although yachts now outnumber fishing boats in the Vieux Port (Old Port).

To Sum It Up

Europe brought luxury travel to perfection many centuries ago, and they still live up to that expectation. So whether you want to taste the best foods at Michelin-star restaurants, experience the exclusive islands, or stay at the most amazing five-star hotels, you can find luxury in every part of the continent. Because of this, it’s a guarantee that your European luxury visit won’t be a waste of time.