Luxury Travel Trend: Green Turndown Services at Luxury Hotels

Luxury Travel Trend: Green Turndown Services at Luxury Hotels
From offering alternatives to plastic bottled water to introducing locally-sourced goods, below are some of the hotels proving that small changes can create a positive impact on the world:

Rosewood Sand Hill (Menlo Park, CA)
As part of an ongoing initiative to eliminate single-use plastic throughout the hotel, Rosewood Sand Hill, the luxury hotel in Silicon Valley, is partnering with Boxed Water to provide a sleek and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles.

The hotel aims to reduce its environmental footprint by eliminating single use plastic throughout the hotel. The first step in this initiative is to address the amount of waste coming from plastic bottled waters. To continue providing individually packaged water in an environmentally-conscious manner, Rosewood Sand Hill has partnered with Boxed Water to provide a green, but still sleek, way to consume water.

Moving forward, Boxed Water will be placed in guestrooms during turndown service, in addition to the hotel's public areas, pool, gym, and spa as an alternative to bottled water. Rosewood Sand Hill proudly introduces this initiative to demonstrate the potential to create positive environmental impact through thoughtful changes in turndown service.

The Little Nell (Aspen, CO)
Aiming to reduce plastic waste, The Little Nell has adapted their turndown service to provide crisp Aspen tap water to guests in place of bottled water.

Calistoga Ranch (Calistoga, CA)
Located in Napa Valley, the serene Calistoga Ranch’s nightly turndown service includes Californian spring water served in locally-made earthenware pottery and perfumed sachets filled with fresh lavender from the resort's own gardens.