Luxury Travel with Purpose; Exclusive Filmmaking Adventures in Remote Micronesia

Luxury Travel with Purpose; Exclusive Filmmaking Adventures in Remote Micronesia
The same goes for unique experiences; exploring the world's hardest-to-reach habitats, reconnecting with loved ones, indulging a personal passion. Time - how you spend it, and the legacy you create with it - is the greatest commodity of all.

In 2013, leading conservation filmmakers Marine Conservation Expeditions (MCE) are dropping anchor to invite a privileged handful of eco-conscious jetsetters onboard for life-changing conservation and dive voyages with marine protection at their core. Appealing to truly adventurous highfliers wanting more from their precious travel time, MCE's trips give individuals the unique chance to work with a dream team of international filmmaking talent on documentaries that leave potent environmental and social legacies.

Crucially, each expedition is founded on the principle of travelling with purpose, to dramatically improve communities and preserve marine environments in some of the most spectacular, far-flung locations on the planet. Fusing high definition adventure with intimate hands-on training and the chance to play a key role in creating films that educate and inspire communities at a grassroots level, each voyage enables guests to take centre stage and play a pivotal role as Executive Producer (EP).

Each EP will join the likes of film director Ian Kellett and director of photography Mark Emery (BBC Oceans, National Geographic), Emmy and BAFTA winning cameraman Paul Atkins, award-winning documentary filmmaker Chris Jenkins, multi Emmy award winning cameraman Mike Pitts, Rick Rosenthal (BBC's Blue Planet, Planet Earth), wildlife TV presenter Vanessa Boshoff, eco-explorer and campaigners Paul Rose (Royal Geographic Society) and Alexandra Cousteau (grand-daughter of the famous explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau), plus a plethora of other passionate experts in the niche world of wildlife filming.

A veritable ‘ocean of talent', the MCE team serves up the inside track on everything from award-winning filming techniques to rare wildlife phenomena like hammerhead shark migrations and coral spawning. Without exception, participants will experience the purest form of high-end adventure travel; the exclusive, unabridged scoop on Mother Nature's highlights with the most knowledgeable guides in the business.

As such, a 'typical' day for Executive Producers on an MCE trip doesn't exist, making it all the more compelling for the world's travel elite to gain a place on these tailor-made voyages. But if they do join, Executive Producers can find themselves in any or all of the following scenarios:

- Diving Belize's Blue Hole with explorer Jacques Cousteau's conservationist granddaughter Alexandra.
- Flying in professional filming helicopters used in BBC's Planet Earth to capture spectacular footage of dolphin pods on the hunt
- Mooring an expedition yacht off a deserted archipelago as gourmet chefs prepare the catch of the day under the southern cross.
- Taking the lead with an underwater camera to film a migrating speckled whale shark with a mouth the size of a VW Beetle.
- Relaxing after a hard days filming by jumping into a lagoon filled with natural phosphorescence
- Exploring fascinating cultures and soulful stories with chiefs of the remote fishing tribes on the Pacific islands of Sonsorol
- Sipping fresh passion fruit cocktails while enjoying the rushes of the previous day's shoot cut together by professional editors.

Unlike other luxury travel, MCE bespoke each expedition to ensure its both impossible to replicate and refreshingly intimate. Participants are guaranteed diving with the world's rarest marine life, professional film training and a lifetime's worth of conservation expertise, interacting with leading conservation CEOs and local grassroots heroes and of course, bonding with MCE's fun-loving team as the creative process of producing each film unfolds.

True to the company's ethos, guests' downtime comes with a sustainable thumbs up.

To this end, all expedition yachts chartered comply with pollution prevention standards. Sumptuous daily catches of lobster (only when in season), freshest seafood platters, sunset cocktails, a sunken deck Jacuzzi and spacious private cabins ensure individuals can unwind in style after countless daily jaw-dropping pursuits.

Film director Ian Kellett confides, "The goal of these expeditions is two-fold: to create films and outreach events that inspire the local stewardship of marine environments, plus offer a growing niche of eco-conscious philanthropists the chance to leave the ultimate social and eco-legacy whilst taking the voyage of a life time."

The next trip to set sail is destined for remote Palau in Micronesia in November 2013. Working the distant atolls of Palau, Executive Producers will take an active role in filming the region's thriving shark sanctuary and join drift dives amidst WWII ship wrecks that cling to this abundant, untouched archipelago. Guests will also be invited to sail on the original sailboat The Outrigger with native fishermen, who still sail purely using the starlit night sky as their compass.

To discuss joining the crew and meeting the team for a character match prior to any one of MCE's future voyages, email or : +1 406 581 9446

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