Luxury Travelers: Why Menorca Should Be Your Go-To Destination in 2020

Luxury Travelers: Why Menorca Should Be Your Go-To Destination in 2020

If you think you need to go to far-flung, exotic destinations in order to experience a luxury travel experience then you couldn’t be more wrong. True, there are many areas of Spain that are overpopulated, overrated and overflowing with high rise hotels. However, Menorca is not one of them.

Close your eyes for a second.

Now picture a white-sand beach, stretching as far as the eye can see. Now listen carefully to the relaxing lapping of the crystal clear turquoise waves as they crash onto the shore. Not far in the distance, you can see the bleached limestone cliffs and the daily divers exploring the hidden caves below.

No, you are not in the Caribbean. You are in the beautiful coastal resort of Arenal D’en Castel. Just one of the many stunning beach locations that Menorca has to offer.

Of course, it’s not just beautiful beaches that Menorca has to offer the luxury traveler. Oh no. This stunning Spanish island is steeped in tradition, has arguably some of the best locally caught seafood in the whole of Europe, plus the shoreline is protected from development meaning that the area’s sensational natural beauty remains untouched and unblemished.

Keep reading to discover more reasons why you need to visit Menorca in 2020 for your next luxury break; you won’t be disappointed!

The island is small but varied

As its name suggests, Menorca embraces the fact that it is smaller than its neighbor Mallorca, and with only 30 miles between any two points on the island, you can easily explore the whole of it on one visit.

What’s more, this compact destination can provide elements of a relaxing beach holiday, a bustling city break and tranquil country retreat all in one go.

How exactly?

For beach lovers, simply head to Cala en Bosh which boasts two fabulous beaches, Cala en Bosch beach and Son Xoriguer.

Cultural connoisseurs, the smaller resort of Son Bou is the ideal location for you. Home to a Roman Basilica and very close to the famous prehistoric settlement of Torre d’en Galmes, Son Bou has the added benefit of being very close to the island’s capital Mahon.

If you do find yourself exploring Mahon, then as well as checking out the harbor, which is the second largest natural deep water port in the world, you should definitely visit the Xoriguer Gin Distillery for a few glasses (or bottles) of Menorca’s favourite tipple.

The villas are first class

In recent years the quality of hotels in Menorca has increased quite substantially, but if you want to experience a truly authentic and luxurious holiday experience, then you need to book a villa for your Menorca holidays.


The question should be, “Why not?”

Firstly, the villas on the island offer something for everyone in terms of location, from the tranquil and traditional town of Binibeca, to the busy resort of Cala Blanca, to the stunning area of natural beauty that is Cala en Porter. There really is a perfect resort for everyone on this diverse and exciting island.

You can have your own private pool with outside dining area, ideal for sharing a delicious Mediterranean inspired meal in the moonlight — no fighting off other tourists when finding a sunbed.

You can have 100% privacy and isolation if you want it; however, you can easily choose a villa that is close to the local amenities and attractions if you would prefer.

Plus, Ibiza and Mallorca have been done to death, and every luxury traveler will know that to have a truly unforgettable and enriching holiday experience, you need to head somewhere unique, somewhere that others have failed to realize the true potential of.

You need to head to Menorca.