Madame Paulette...Valet to the Rich and Famous

Madame Paulette...Valet to the Rich and Famous
Is there anywhere in the world destination valet will not travel to?

No, because there is no job too big or too small that we would not perform for any client. If it is important enough for a client to render our specialized services, then we are willing to travel to a global destination to provide our service.

Is there a limit to the amount of clothes you will ship to one individual at a time?

We have been commissioned to ship a full wardrobe via airfreight in an enclosed custom-built wardrobe crate. To answer your question, we are able to make pick-ups and deliveries wherever they are located, which quite resembles the way a designed would ship their pieces across the world.

What are your shipping techniques? How do you guarantee safe and ready-to-wear delivery of your clients clothing?

Every solitary day, we ship over 20-30 hanging wardrobe shipping boxes with every garment hanging in pristine condition as if we were literally delivering it directly to your doorstep. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for every item of clothing that we ship.

Can you give an example of one of your most challenging Destination Valet jobs?

Madame Paulette was faced with damaged velvet drapes in a private home theatre in Georgia, where we were commissioned to dispatch our interior cleaning division to go on site and restore all the damaged velvet drapes. This is inclusive of the upholstered custom chairs, wall coverings and custom carpeting.

Madame Paulette

Closet Concierge:

What types of clients use closet concierge?

Any client that would like to have their entire wardrobe organized by seasons, matching ensembles, or garment types including shoes and accessories can be organized by our team. This gives one a full understanding and knowledge of their entire wardrobe, so they are able to see what they have by the digital photographs we provide and the item locations that are categorized. This makes it extremely accessible for the owner to be able to digitally store their belongings. (Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are clients who have used this service)

Can you expand on the digital cataloging service Closet Concierge offers? How does it work exactly?

As part of an organization tool and easy access of a clients wardrobe, we digitally catalogue each and every piece that we store in our climate controlled storage vault, so at any given time if one may be need to attend a black tie affair and/or go on a quick vacation, we can pull the pieces and ship them overnight to their destination so they are waiting for them conveniently in pristine condition. Our valued clientele have also sent us their travel wardrobe of their dirty apparel, which we have cleaned and shipped to their next destination or even their home. This service provides our clients with convenience so they do not have to worry about traveling with a burden.

Where are your climate-controlled vaults located?

Our climate controlled storage vaults are located at our corporate headquarters in Long Island City, NY where everything is alarmed 24/7 with temperature sensors under lock and key.

Do you offer closet concierge to everyone or just local NYC and Tri-State area clients?

These services are priced based on the actual job which includes the pieces entailed (as we will only store items that have been properly cleaned and are suitable for storage), quantity, type and size of garments.

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Stain Removal Kits:

What sets your stain removal kits apart from all the rest on the market?

The Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit is the most comprehensive and effective stain removal kit available on the market today. It has been featured in Vogue, InStyle Magazine, Lucky, Martha Stewart, and other various magazines. Other stain removal kits use a single formula to remove a stain while we, as experts understand that stain matter comes from 3 different stain groups. These groups consist of earth-based stains, protein based stains, and oil based stains. We not only give the client the specific formula that breaks down this specific stain group, but we also give them the tools to safely and effectively remove any stains. We provide a dry absorbent cloth to go under the stain area, the most effective formula which we have developed over the past 50 years that breaks down the composition of that stain and distilled water rinse to remove any remaining stain matter and leave it without any residue and/or trace of any stains, which therefore completely removes any residue. Lastly, we have also given our clients instructions to our kit to remove any complex stains which consist of more that one of the stain groups (ex. creamy tomato sauce). There is a certain methodology we share to remove the oil first, tomato second, and cream third, so one can safely remove and clean the stain.

Where can your Professional Stain Removal Kits be purchased?

Our Professional Stain Kits can be purchased only directly from us by calling our toll free number at 877-COUTURE. These kits can also be purchased at our flagship boutique located at 1255 Second Avenue.

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