Made Man Delivers a Simple & High Performance Skincare Routine For Men

Made Man Delivers a Simple & High Performance Skincare Routine For Men

Despite the massive market for skincare- in total a 30 billion dollar industry in the United States alone, the men’s skincare market was only worth $122 million in 2018.

Discerning serial entrepreneur Jeremy Gardner recognized and set out to correct this glaring imbalance.

How? By first consulting with top dermatologists and chemists to determine what men sought most in skincare and then developing a potent, novel solution that would tap all their trigger points.

The result was the launch of MadeMan, in 2019, Gardner's cutting edge turnkey solution to make skincare as simple, high performance, and routine for men.

While living in Miami Beach, juggling his new abode’s colorful nightlife, and running his social-impact focused investment fund, Ausum Ventures, Gardner got to work on MadeMan. He boiled down the variety of products and complicated routines he had trialed in the past with the help of Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, a renowned, Harvard-trained skin expert. The entrepreneur says they created an elegant two-step system for the men “who want to focus on being the best versions of themselves in every aspect of their lives.” The Re(Set) Collection is comprised of The Resetter—a facial cleanser that doubles as a shaving cream—and The Refresher—a CBD-infused 6-in-1 moisturizer with digital light protection, anti-aging benefits, and anti-inflammatory qualities. The simplification and functionality offers a solution to the 55% of men who do not take care of their skin, while simultaneously being ideal for “modern gentlemen.” Like many of Gardner’s past ventures and investments, which all had philanthropic qualities, a portion of MadeMan’s proceeds will go to the non-profit Defy Ventures, which teaches incarcerated individuals entrepreneurship. The organization is perfectly aligned with Gardner’s vision and the brand’s values, as he believes “it’s never too late to be a MadeMan.”

“Men,” Gardner claims, “want to look good, that’s why they invest in cars, clothes, and jewelry—it’s part of why they go to the gym…but 65% of a first impression is your face, and that’s an investment most men are not making.” MadeMan makes skincare accessible, affordable, and easy. With the expected September launch just around the corner, we encourage you to stay updated on MadeMan’s latest news by following the company on Twitter and Instagram.

Article by By Alexandra Sharova