Magical Things To Do in Dubai

Magical Things To Do in Dubai

Dubai is the home of a spectacular tourist destination for many people worldwide. Dubai is deemed one of the most exciting cities to tour in the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Magical dhow cruise Marina

There is a magical spark in Dubai that draws millions upon millions of tourists throughout the year. Give yourself an unforgettable Dhow cruise Dubai Marina with lots of sightseeing and striking entertainment galore. Every tourist gets absorbed in the majestic architecture and breathtaking water resorts as they sail in opulent yachts and traditional wooden dhows.

And while at it, you can shop in the lavish malls and relax in hundreds of resorts and residences that will spoil you with many lodging options. Dubai Marina water has different finger-licking dishes in an eclectic flavors of native and exotic tastes of drinks and meals.

If you have always longed to relish international cuisines, visit dedicated restaurants for exceptional service and a sophisticated setting. On arrival at Dubai Marina, each guest gets a complimentary sip of a refreshing drink. Take a dhow cruise to Dubai Marina and immerse yourself in sheer ecstasy.

  1. Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is the home of the tallest buildings in the world. It is also the epicenter of sophisticated architectural designs hosting the highest-built hotel in the 21st century. Dubai city has scoped the top most exciting tourist sites in the world. As you get engrossed in the grandeur of Dubai, you can quickly forget that there’s an expansive desert with camels and sand dunes topping the list of to-do things in the Middle East.

Desert Safari Dubai has a backdrop of traditional life served on the table of modernity. Every tourist should purpose to do a safari to the desert and enjoy life without the bustle in the city. You can hike a lift on a camel’s back, visit camel farms and trudge on dunes. Whether you take a morning, evening, or night desert safari, you’ll get a chance to see desert life first-hand. Typically, Dubai was an expansive sand desert before becoming the world’s best tourist destination.

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden

The garden was launched on 13th February 2013, making it a perfect getaway for lovers on Valentine’s day. It’s the world’s largest natural flower palace with millions of plants, shrubs, and flowers.  You’ll also find the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary within the garden. Love is best expressed in the splendor of colors, shapes, and forms in a natural setting. Get your Miracle Garden ticket here.

  1. Dubai’s underwater zoo and aquarium

As you go shopping at the Dubai Mall, you can’t resist the water magic on its ground floor. Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo is a plethora of aquatic life collected from across the globe. The amazing zoo contains 10 million liters of water and offers a thrilling experience for tourists.

  1. Skydiving

 If you don’t mind heights, you must skydive in Dubai. Drive your adrenaline crazy with a one-of-a-kind adventure and watch the city below fly past your eyes in bird’s style. Give yourself an electrifying experience from the sky and watch the splendid Pal Jumeirah 13 thousand feet above sea level. There’s nowhere in the world to experience such an intense flight!

Dubai is a one-stop tourist destination where you can book your next holiday for iconic views and unforgettable memories of a lifetime.