Maho Shades - Shatterproof Sunglasses under $100

Maho Shades - Shatterproof Sunglasses under $100
Maho's story began with a problem. One bright, sunny day paddleboarding at Maho beach in St. John, the founders Alexandra and Kris lost two pairs of expensive polarized sunglasses in one day. The cost to replace: over $400. They asked themselves, do great shades really have to cost as much as a plane ticket or smartphone?

The answer is absolutely not. As CBS's 60 Minutes and plenty of other media outlets have revealed, a single company has dominated every aspect of the sunglass industry for decades. They own nearly all the biggest brands, the biggest retail chains, and even optical insurance companies! The industry status quo seems like General Motors owning State Farm and pretty much every car dealership in the world. That status quo comes with absurd profits to match – at consumers' expense.

Alexandra and Kris started Maho simply to bring the coolest frame styles together with the best materials and optics. The quality of the materials make it easy to offer the industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Maho can offer the best shades in the world for $95 because they design their own frames, source components globally, and sell directly to customers without middlemen. They are headquartered in the U.S. Virgin Islands in order to attract the very best employees who share a love of the outdoors, the water, and the sun.

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