Major Challenges of the Luxurious Nomad Life and How to Overcome Them

Major Challenges of the Luxurious Nomad Life and How to Overcome Them

It's 6 o'clock on a Wednesday evening. You're back from your regular 9 to 5 job, tired, and dreading the idea of working for the rest of the week.

You open your Instagram account. And while you're scrolling, your friend from high school pops up.

She's in her pajamas, holding an iPad, and relaxing beside an exotic pool. She’s living your dream life.

A luxurious nomad lifestyle is seen as a privilege. However, it’s not all about the beautiful scenery and golden hours. There’s a fair share of challenges.

If you’re looking forward to pursuing a nomad lifestyle, here are the major challenges you should look out for and the ways you can overcome them.

Maintaining Genuine Relationships

When you’re constantly traveling, creating new and meaningful relationships can be a challenge. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with diverse people throughout the world. However, when it comes to developing deeper friendships, a nomadic lifestyle wouldn’t make it any easier.

Getting to know a person requires time and effort. Very often, you'll find incredible people and develop a great relationship with them. But sooner than you know, you'll have to say your goodbyes.

This doesn’t mean that making friendships would be impossible. Many travelers find great friends, even life partners, on their way. It just takes a little more effort and compromises.

Work-Life Balance

When your normal weekday is as good as someone's holiday, keeping a work-life balance becomes one of the most challenging aspects of your life.

The whole purpose of having a nomad lifestyle is for you to enjoy working from gorgeous locations rather than being tied up to an office desk. However, when there is no physical separation between your personal space and workspace, being productive becomes a challenge. 

Without a proper routine, neither will you get your work done nor will you enjoy doing stuff that makes you happy.

It is important to frame out a proper work schedule. Use your most productive time of the day for work, and remember to take breaks.

Set your work priority straight, so you don’t miss out on the fun of traveling.

Financial Instability

Success as a freelancer can take you to great heights. However, it takes time and patience.

Travelling is accompanied by hefty expenses. The cost of airplane tickets, food, lodging and sightseeing can add up to a significant amount.

Hence, it is important to take a situation–oriented approach to manage the cash flow. You may have to make some compromises. Try to scale your income so that you can pay for the luxuries.

You won't have benefits or fixed salaries at the end of the month. Most of your income would depend on how effectively you win clients and the projects you take up. This alone can be a source of a constant worry.

As a free agent, having the correct set of vocational skills is an absolute necessity. Training organizations can help you equip industry-relevant skills and build sustainable relationships. Always enroll in training centers using top-notch RTO resources to ensure that you’re being offered the latest and the best programs.

Proper Work Environment

Let's face it, we all know that sitting in front of a laptop at a local coffee shop, or relaxing on a beach chair while holding an iPad looks good only on social media. In reality, it does not get your work done.

It is essential to have a quiet environment and a proper work setup to avoid any discomfort. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent physical strain over time.

FOMO and Loneliness

When you choose to live an unconventional life, it is natural to feel lonely and left out sometimes. You often end up wondering if you are on the right track.

Keeping in touch with your friends and family gets more difficult each day. You don't hang out with your friends much often and frequently miss out on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. 

Even though technology has connected people all over the world, it does not make up for not sharing actual experiences with your loved ones.

When you feel overwhelmed, it is important to give yourself a break. Be grateful and remember that you'll always be surrounded by great opportunities. You cannot do everything at the same time, and that’s okay.

The nomad lifestyle is so much more than just exploring the world. It can be incredible, but also challenging. If you’re confident enough to sail through the adventures, luxury nomad life is definitely worth a try.