Make Your Luxury Home Stand Out With Boho Decor

Make Your Luxury Home Stand Out With Boho Decor

Did you know that Bohemian homes never look alike? This means that creating the Boho style in your home is all about individuality and uniqueness. Bohemian decorating incorporates lively elements from different cultures in one particular setting. It intertwines the relaxed and eccentric style, resembling eclecticism.

The homes of artists are usually decorated in the Bohemian style, gathering elements from all their travels and unifying the modern and vintage. A perfect example of this is Laura Dern’s LA home that carries the Bohemian vibe. All of the objects have some sort of meaning and carry a story within themselves. The Boho decor is all about combinations of colors, patterns, and luxurious elements.

So, if you think that the Bohemian style is the right choice for your taste, you should consider implementing the tips we offer you while redecorating your home. Here’s what you need to choose when it comes to furniture, details, lighting, materials, and accessories.

What Type of Furniture Should You Choose?

Going into the closest store and buying Bohemian furniture for your home simply isn’t the case if you choose the Boho style. A typical Bohemian living room will be filled with furniture that has been collected from several parts of the world and in different periods in time as well. It means merging several styles and epochs into one. That’s why to find Boho furniture for your home, you should explore some vintage shops and look for unique pieces.

Accessories Are Very Important!

The details that you invest in will give a sense of Boho style to your home. Indoor plants, pillows, and rugs are the perfect boho style accessories. The bolder you go, the better.

The indoor plants will give a natural note to your home, giving it life and freshness. This way you can have your luxurious indoor garden that will mix and match with the furniture. Indoor plants aren’t only a great accessory, they also will purify the air in your home. You can reduce the toxicity in your home by investing in some of the top air-purifying plants.

The Bohemian pillows for your home should be mismatching, having different shapes and totally different colors that will give contrast to the furniture you choose. Boho pillows usually follow different patterns, but somehow fit each other because of their uniqueness. Some of them are also handmade that adds to the whole Bohemian decorating story. Look for bold colors and pillows that look like they have a character on their own.

Vintage Moroccan rugs are known for the bold geometric patterns and the dynamic color designs. They will be a great accessory that can be put on full display on your floors or even hung on the walls. Moroccan rugs are timeless details that will fit in perfectly to your luxurious Boho decorated home.

“More Is More” in Boho Style

Bohemian decorating is the complete opposite of the Scandinavian minimalist, modern style. The more details, the more materials, and the more patterns - the better, you will definitely achieve a more unique and rich look. Many types of materials are mixed and matched in Boho decorating. Silk is most commonly combined with natural materials, wool, and linen.

However, the key to grasping the Bohemian style is that all of the objects and materials are in good shape, nothing is damaged, even though they are vintage. It excludes usage of new, shiny materials and elements that won’t fit into the whole picture. That’s the reason why you can’t just buy the Boho style, but you have to build it. Look for statement pieces in vintage shops and even auctions.

Bright Colors!

The Bohemian style mostly consists of warm colors, including earthy browns, metallics and jewel tones. Therefore, most of the time the brown, green and gray colors are combined with the saturated alternative of red, orange and blue. White and black are simply out of the picture because in Boho decorating even the walls are adorned with rich colors. You can use as many colors as you want to and in this style, it’ll look amazing.

What Type of Lighting Will Fit into the Whole Picture?

Old lamps that have an interesting shape or a distinctive design are mostly used for lighting up Bohemian styled homes. This type of ambient light that won’t be very bright and is contrary to the bright lighting that is characteristic of the minimalist style. The dimmed lighting will create a cozy and more intimate feel to your home.

A Valuable Cultural Space

Having a certain space in your home that will be full of books, antiques, art, and cultural elements is a must in Boho style. You can create a small reading nook where you will be surrounded by art pieces, antique objects and some valuable objects to you.

You don’t have to invest in the furniture, but you can simply put a rug and several cushions on the floor. The books can be piled on the floor to give a more relaxed look to the place. This can be a rest area where you can lie down or sit down to chill.


All in all, if you decide to choose Bohemian decorating for your home, every element has to be unique in its own way, have its own history and tell a story. Your home should tell a story about who you are, where you have been and have every element that has a certain meaning to you, or you’re emotionally attached to. This type of decorating can’t be done in a week or two, because it simply won’t be Boho style if it hasn’t been built over time.