Making Baby Shopping All the More Special and Luxurious with LIORE’e

Making Baby Shopping All the More Special and Luxurious with LIORE’e

Babies of friends and family can be one of the most fun groups to gift, as picking out something in mini form is all the more endearing. More so, shopping for mini things in general can be a personal heaven for mothers. However, when taking it to the next step, and looking for something more unique and personalized, the task can become just a bit more difficult, but not less exciting. Knowing that what you get can easily become memorabilia for your family or others for years to come, makes it all the more worth it, and LIORE’e is completely in the know of that.

Who is LIORE’e? It is an up and coming, New-York based luxury baby boutique that is about to make all gift-giving, gift-receiver’s, and mothers everywhere, wishes come true. The boutique prides itself in not only the glamorization of clothing and shoes, but also what used to be seen as mundane baby supplies – pacifiers, pacifier clips, and bottles. They do so by adding luxury through the power of sparkles, shine, bows, and matching sets. For instance, they offer glittering sets for bottles and pacifiers in a variety of different colors and themes. They also pride themselves in their versatile clothes collections that are divided into “Pretty Girl,” “Too Cool,” and “Loungewear,” which gives you choices for all occasions.

With all these different options to choose from, you can add further elements when making a purchase for either your own baby or for other’s. For example, you can personalize pacifiers with specific names or letters, so that they will never get confused with another. You can do the same with stroller pins and bracelets that are adorned with charms.

This brand began with entrepreneur and mother, Daniella Zoharetz in 2017, as she wanted the brand to be built on an image of nothing less than premium quality, beautiful products, and uniquity that would allow for individuality and irreplaceability. More specifically, in the words of Zoharetz, “As a mom, I wanted to do something that combined babies and fashion. So I came up with LIORE’e and my mission was to create unique, luxury items and accessories, made from premium quality that you would not find anywhere else.”

Well, when looking at the success of LIORE’e is the past two years, Zoharetz has met this goal and beyond. Through the use of social media and the power of word-of-mouth, LIORE’e was acknowledged to be part of the top one percent of Shopify’s growth revenue in the past year. The brand also found customers in Malika and Khadija when they each had their own babies, who are twins and friends of the Kardashian family. Once people had the same realization as Zoharetz once had, “I wasn’t happy with the options available. Sure, some clothing lines looked great, but they didn't sparkle! They didn’t stand out,” people were able to find what they were looking for in LIORE’e, just as Zoharetz did.

To see what LIORE’e has to offer, go visit their website or follow them on Instagram.