Interview with FOX Business Network's Maria Bartiromo

Interview with FOX Business Network's Maria Bartiromo
This month marks your two year anniversary with FOX Business Network. What's that been like?

It's been very exciting. I love it here. My two shows are doing very well. We are just off of our best month ever on Mornings with Maria, the morning show on the Fox Business Network. We are the highest rated Sunday morning program on cable on Sunday Morning Futures on the Fox News Channel. And I am so grateful to be able to talk about broader and deeper content than before. I feel more informed about the issues that are important to the American people than ever before. Fox has an amazing bench of military men and women, of politicos, and business people who are at the ready to weigh in on important issues. So I feel like Fox is very unique in terms of its grasp and understanding and access to experts of the issues that are front and center today, particularly during an election year. And, of course, moderating two debates during this election season also has been a true honor and privilege. I'm learning a lot!

For FOX Business you travel a lot. What is it like traveling for work?

I love to travel and have the opportunity to speak to people across the country and the world. It is always a great value and education. We have a fantastic team who takes the show live in several different venues across the country. The team is very professional and has done a great job.

Where have you traveled so far in 2016?

San Francisco, Arizona, Davos Switzerland, South Carolina; headed to DC, Boston, Washington and LA soon.

Which place is your favorite?

New York is still my favorite city. But I love San Fran, South Carolina and Davos. Quite a diverse group of travels!

What are some of your favorite hotels you like to stay at when traveling?

I love The Peninsula Beverly Hills. I think it's the best hotel in the world, debatable second to the Four Seasons George V in Paris. Very luxurious to say the least.

Are there any destinations you recommend?

Arizona for hiking; New York for fun. NY, LA and San Fran for luxury.

Do you have a favorite airline?

They are all getting better. Emirates and ETIHAD are very luxurious, but American is doing very well too.

What are some must-haves when traveling?

Lots of water, my devices like my iPhone, and workout gear.