Mead Brown Costa Rica Offers Hands-on Turtle Refuge Experience

Mead Brown Costa Rica Offers Hands-on Turtle Refuge Experience
July-December are the months when turtle eggs are laid, incubated and hatched on Costa Rica's central Pacific coast. During that time, 138,000 eggs from 1,400 nests are buried on Playa Hermosa and reburied at the refuge. Of those, about 128,000 hatch and make their way to the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Black, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill species of sea turtles all nest on the Central Pacific Coast.

Michael Brown, president of, said, "Sustainability, being connected to our natural environment and helping people to experience the nature of Costa Rica in a way that enhances the environment are all part of our core values. Our aim is to leave the people and places we have contact with better than we found them. The turtle isn't merely a cute part of our logo; turtles are something to which we are committed to helping in a meaningful way."

Engineer Belfort Cubillo Jimenez, manager of the turtle refuge, said, “We are excited to partner with Mead Brown Costa Rica. They are good corporate citizens, and their commitment will help many people experience the wonder and beauty of our turtles. At the same time, Mead Brown will help us improve our facilities to better serve volunteers and staff.”

One-hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated to the refuge to build bathrooms, shower and changing facilities for volunteers and staff. The projected cost for the new facility is USD $5,000. Mead Brown anticipates this new adventure tour will generate enough revenue by the end of 2011 to pay for it in full. The adventure tour cost is $50 per person; 100% of that will be donated to the turtle refuge to construct the new facility.

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