Meet The Luxury Lifestyle Expert at the Forefront of Luxury Travel’s Evolution

Meet The Luxury Lifestyle Expert at the Forefront of Luxury Travel’s Evolution

Creating unrivaled worldwide ultra-luxury lifestyle and travel experiences for more than ten years, Sienna Charles is the first female-founded and operated ultra-luxury Lifestyle and Travel company.

Founded by Jaclyn Sienna India, Sienna Charles provides a unique and exclusive membership-based luxury concierge and travel service. Since 2008, she’s made it her mission to deeply understand and fulfill the wants and needs of her discerning clientele, which includes world leaders, business figures and celebrities. Her client roster includes George W. Bush and Mariah Carey to name a few.

As the leading player of the Ultra-Luxury travel industry, Jaclyn Sienna India predicts and witnesses all market’s evolutions at first hand. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has observed an increase in ultra luxury travel, along with a spending boom like she had never seen in her career. The tremendous rise in travel spending includes various factors including supply and demand and client’s willingness to spend way more than before in trips, experiences and services to confirm the quality & service level.

Lately, there has been a significant increase in wealth for UHNWI (US billionaires have gotten about $1.2 trillion richer during the first year of the pandemic; source: Americans for Tax Fairness), and Jaclyn is personally working with the top UHNWI that are now re-defining luxury.

Renting has now been replaced by investing in owning the assets: instead of going to luxury hotels, UHNWI are purchasing additional second and third homes around the globe, where sanity measures and service can be ensured for them and their family. Jaclyn Sienna India also saw yachts and jets being purchased more than ever by members. Home purchases made by ultra-high-net-worth are expected to be driven by educational motives. This means we may see a rise in permanent family relocations to education hubs. Despite a reduced desire to travel, nearly a quarter of ultra-high-net-worth individuals are planning to apply for a second passport or citizenship.

The emerging split between luxury and ultra-luxury travel before Covid-19 is stronger than ever and visible on every single travel touchpoints, from travel to homes, level of services or personalization and experiences. While travel has become more challenging for a large part of the population since the pandemic started, Jaclyn Sienna India noticed an uptick in her member’s expectations, becoming higher than ever. Clients asked for longer trips rather than several ones, out-of-the-box experiences, an endless amount of personalization and a major focus on service quality and security, flying over entire teams, coaches, Chefs and experts.